What I Did And You Can Too

Read the book the Cure for Alcoholism by Dr. Eskapa http://www.amazon.com/Cure-Alcoholism-Willpower-Abstinence-Discomfort/dp/1933771550
read about the Sinclair Method online at the message boards and forums, find a doctor who will prescribe naltrexone for you, and do what the book says.  If AA works for you, great, it didn't work for me, actually, after rehab when in AA was when my drinking was the worst and most out of control!! Also, you can try taking thiamin (vitamin B1) supplements, cysteine (it's an amino acid which helps detoxify your liver of acetaldehyde) especially when taken with vitamin C.  the thaimin is important if you drink alot because you are probably depleted of this vitamin and this depletion can cause brain damage like wet brain and such.  anyhow that's the advice for alcoholism that worked for me the best so far, in case you don't wanna read anymore, and now here's some of my story:)

I am a beautiful, tall, thin 33 year old woman, smart, educated, curious,elegant with an earthy and bawdy sense of humor, a self taught gourmet chef, a certified yoga and fitness instructor, a published poet and short story writer, a shakespearean actress, practice naturopathy and follow a healthy vegetarian, active lifestyle, have lived in several major cities, one of the most genuinely sweet and nice people you'd ever wanna meet, and all that's true...but i am an alcoholic too.
i have an ex husband, countless ex lovers, a baby's daddy, a young son, who, miraculously is beautiful and perfect because, yes, i got routinely drunk when i was pregnant with him. i have few friends and am somewhat estranged from my family because most close relationships have been destroyed because of my drinking.  every mark i have on my body is related to an accident or mishap because of drinking.  i have tried to kill myself because of drinking.  i have had legal problems and a dui because of drinking.  i have felt hopeless so many times because of drinking. maybe someday i will come on here and write my whole story and throw in some battle glories, but today i am offering hope to those who can relate to what they know their potential is and where they come from and the consequences they are having from drinking and where they hopelessly feel they are falling into with nothing to hold onto...

i found the Sinclair method and the book i listed, and i found a doctor to prescribe me the meds...i had to lie and say that the medicine was for abstinence because that is what it is used for here in the US, but u may find a cool doctor and be able to be upfront, so hey, good luck!  and after one year of this...i NEVER EVER EVER drink without my naltrexone...it didn't 'cure' me as much as i was hoping, i still drink nearly every day, but i don't get falling down drunk, i don't embarass myself, (luckily i was never violent or causing problems, just sloppy), i can do things like go out and socialize without getiing wasted and don't blackout and can control how much i drink and that kind of thing...so it works well enough for me...my thought is...i have tried EVERYTHING!!! i was DESPERATE!!!! and so far, this has worked the best:)  so good luck, i hope it may work for some other people who are struggling because i know how the death grip of alcohol feels when it is around your neck, and I am so glad to be free of it.     

Jul 25, 2010