Aw **** Im An Alcoholic

i used to be happy as a kid, used to hang around with my best friend and all that, but things got shite when i picked up a can of bulmers cider and hid it under my bed, my best friend stopped toalkin to me since. i didnt notice at all. i started smoking around that time too and life was constantly getting me down. in secondary school i got bullied by a guy who is a ****. but i have to get over it because after he bullied me i felt so bad, and the guys at school were talking about drugs, i took some hash and alughed my *** off ! so i started gettin into drinking and drugs. me and my friend drank a whole half bottle of vodka and he threw up all over my room! i had to clean the **** up! it grafdually progressed to drinking every weekend with my mates, and i would get properly drunk. i never had a few, our way of drinkin was getting hammered. i kept getting hammered until i landed at the same friends party rat arsed and tried to kiss his mum, and lay about the party playin with my pubes liek a douche bag drunk bum. i was ******. i kept going till one time at a music festival i downed the king when we were palyin kings, and it was rohypnol or something cuz i **** myslef in the tent and was so drunk i didnt realise ata ll until a girl said whats that smell did you **** yourself. i put my hand down my pants and pulled up a lump of shite, which i chased her with ! it wasnt till long after that i looked back and found hwo bad it was. i kept drining. i broke my hand, got a cuncussion, broke my ankle , lost mthe love of my life, acted liek a ****, called a comedian a ginger bastard, met a lovely girlfreind, laughed and laughed, all while drunk. i ended up takin magic mushrooms which gave me a drug induced psychosis, i think methodrone ahd something to do with it too, but anyway, i got to a psychiatrist and he told me i was an alcoholic because of how i abused alcohol. so now i dont drink or do drugs, and im building myslef up so i can have fun without it by riding rings round me once im better :D

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Stay strong. <br />
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It sounds like you had to hit rock bottom for you to realize that you have to quit the habit. Most of us had to do the same. I was like you. The goal of drinking was to get hammered. I never got so bad but I did get to a point where I was afraid that my drinking would jeopardize my life and the safety of others. You should be proud of your decision to seek help and to quit. <br />
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However, it is not easy resisting the temptation to have an other drink. You have a tough hill to climb. <br />
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One thing that helped me was to proudly say: " I am an alcoholic and I quit. I will always be an alcoholic even if I am not drinking. " Tell your family and friends too that you quit. At first, nobody will believe you and that can give you strength because your attitude may change -- you may see their disbelief as a challenge to prove them wrong. <br />
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Like I said, stay strong. You are too young to continue messing with drugs and alcohol. Several years from now, you will also be able to counsell other young alcoholics.