I'm A Teenage Alcoholic

i am absolutely, positively and disgustingly obsessed with alcohol. i reallydon't think its normal how much i risk and how many people i hurt in order to drink. it's past the point of hiding it from my parents, friends or loved ones. i tried that for a while but inevitably, the secret slowly diminished. i'm only 16 years, weigh 94 lbs. yet i bet i can outdrink every single person reading this, twice. the thought of alcohol consumes my every thought. when i wake up its the same thing- "how am i going to get it today?" when i go to sleep its always- "will i still have enough for tomorrow?" i have countless MIPS (of alcohol. which let me add, the officers were very baffled at my ability to appear sober with such a high blood alcohol level. sooo off to the E.R. i went), have done a resedential program for almost a year, in and out of juvie and rehab, in a juvenile drug court program, and now, with an alcohol tether on my ankle, i STILL drink. it's the most embarrassing thing i've ever had to deal with and i'm crying for help aloud to strangers because it's the only way i know how anymore. actually i dont even want help to be honest. i just wish i knew someone like me.. or had some answers. why am i like this?!!?!??! this kind of obsession cannot be physically possible.

this is a very, very sad existence and i don't reccommend anyone try it at home.
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Dude u sound soo much like me even tho this is 4 years later I love the stuff left school because of it lost friends yet I still don't care omg thatnkyou there are people like me cheers mate

2 years later, and it DID get worse. i am ok though. thank you for all the support and comments

I am in the same boat. I outdrink all of my friends and consistently embarrass myself when i'm drunk. I have blacked out, been taken to the ER, been arrested, and it doesn't stop me. In addition to my lack of self-respect, I see how my drinking hurts my family and friends, and I have little to no trust from my parents. I hate who I am when I drink, but I still seek alcohol out. I am fifteen years old.

Same here It has had such negative affect on my life yet I just don't care and it gets worse

I've been in your shoes only a few years ago. I went online and found an AA meeting. You are never too young to join. Last week a girl spoke to our group and told how she had quit at 17. She was just like you. Miracles can happen to people like you. Alcoholics Anonymous is free of charge and supported by people who used to hurt just like you do and found the answer. They will help you and teach you to help others who hurt like you do. They have been helping people quit drinking since 1935. Go in with an open mind. All you have to be is honest, open-minded, and willing. They can save your life and you will experience a level of freedom you never thought possible. How do I know? It happened to me after 15 years of pain just like yours. The joy I always wanted from alcohol has only been found in sobriety.<br />
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You are not alone.<br />
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Expect a miracle.

Theres someone i know on EP that said she was a millionair,then she started to drink,the short of it is,shes broke,almost living on the street,has to have her daughter bring her food.Hers her profile..<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/about/skybleeds" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> Maybe she can help you out,maybe she can tell you what you need to stop.

Shut up and quit drinking. Today. <br />
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Seriously, I do not mean to belittle you. I used to drink a lot too. I know exactly how you feel. There are not easy answers. <br />
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I am going to let you in on a little secret. If you do not quit today, you will get worse or you will die. <br />
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I know you can not imagine things getting worse. Trust me, next week, you will see it. However, along the way to getting worse, more people will ignore you and leave you alone. <br />
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You are too young for that ****. Quit now.