2 1/2 Years So Far

That's how long I've been sober. Haven't been to an AA meeting for about 16 months - it's not for me. Just wanted to post and say hello to others with the same problem as me. I'm certainly no expert, but I have learned a little on the way and am around to give and receive support.
That's my intro, hope to chat soon. :)
Cloop Cloop
41-45, M
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Hi Cloop,
Glad to hear that... I have the same story here...I have remained away from addiction for almost 5 years now. I try to do the same..help people around me who need help...What really helped me was Yoga...It reduced the dependecy completely. ..I did not have to try on my own...Please try googling for Sudarshan Kriya..It's a yogic technique..This really changed my life.
God Bless

Cloop, I'm happy for your sobriety but wish you were more willing to share. Some people can't get 2 and 1/2 months and when they go to . Meetings they need people like you there to share your 'experience, ststrength and hope. If you give it away, you get to keep it. Hope you will reconsider and go to some meetings. Thanks for reading. Bob..cursedandblessed.

AA i don.t know helping others helps me , i relapse at either 7 or 4 months with or with out AA
but it does give me hope and is another tool ,any help is good, each relapse is worse than the last ;the latest 2 weeks 24/7, the last 2 days of which were 3 bottle days ,and now 15 days sober i still feel ill , scared, and short of breath , which means i can not exercise ,another tool , i use to help, this life long battle,any help is good, although i find some AA people a little superior in there long term success,but perhaps that's the paranoia of my alcoholism

AA might not be for you- thats fine, I know a few people who feel the same way, Just dont forget the reason why you quit drinking, and it seems like you are helping others by sharing your story, Thats great. Just remember to give others the chance for AA it might work for them. Thank you, Perry sober 5 months only through AA, other ways didnt work for me

I am drinking again, but I did attend AA, 90 meetings 90 days, and AA simply does not gel with me. I found it very culish, and I did not believe much of what i read in Big Book. I was working the Steps too, had a sponsor all of it.<br />
<br />
So I wonder how to stop without it? People do all the time.<br />
<br />
No offense to the people here who found help in AA...my best friend is in AA, and I am so glad it helps him.

I'm lucky to have support around me, and I really appreciate you taking the time to post here. :)

When I was still drinking, I truly hated it towards the end but never thought in a million years I would ever stop. I was 24/7 and would get sick if I did'nt keep it coming constantly. 10 days is a very short time and it still has a grip on you, if you are anything like I was. But you know you can do it and that's the most important thing you have going for you. I wish you all the luck and prayers possible to get away from it again. Please take care.

No, I'm 10 days sober today. And thanks for your comment.

Have you had one since? Whatever, just start again. I doubt anyone succeeds the first few tries. It's a hard thing to do. I'm praying for you !!!

I ******* relapsed. Last drink August 27th 2010.<br />
Wanted to share that because I've had good support here, and I thank you for it.

Good work for sure. I've been struggling myself with sobriety this summer. I've conquered it before and I know I have to again. Why? because drinking makes me feel bad about myself and forget about motivation, getting things done, and hope. I hate drinking. Oh yeah, AA might work for me but I'm a "non-believer" as the leaders in our country like to call us non- Christians or Muslims now. Hehehe. Great job recognizing your thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

you are doing incredibly well babes keep up the good work and i hope you find the support you are lookin for.

Hugs to both of you and I totally agree it does not define the person, And it definitely shows a side of<br />
our personality that's poisoned by alcohol/drugs. Cloop, you see what it can do to you, and Saratoga, I understand the suicidal part very well because I've been there a few times too. It's only when we admit these things that we can begin to get well.

And hugs back (finally)

Nor does it entirely define me.... but I agree... it is the suicidal part of my nature.

Thank you to both of you. My alcoholism doesn't define who I am, but it certainly defines much of my behaviour and thought processes. And it's the only aspect of my personality that would destroy me, given half a chance. <br />
<br />
Thanks again for your comments :)

I am also an alcoholic, but I have found INCREDIBLE love, support and understanding within AA. I do, of course, also know that AA's Big Book states that we have no monopoly upon sobriety, so I do not judge. HUGS to you both.

Hello Cloop, Congratulations for your time of sobriety. I wanted to leave a few words because AA did not help me either. I'm am older than you but was your age when when I got sober. Thank you for sharing your story and your offer to say to others who want to listen and would like to share thier <br />
story. I was 42 when I became a recovering alcoholic in the nineties and I know how difficult the first<br />
few years can be, not to mention what you go through sobering up to begin with. You are doing well<br />
and I wish you luck even though I know you will be a success. I don't say all this for show, matter of fact I'm not sure how many ep people know that I too am an alcohlic, though I prefer to say recovering alcoholic!! Take Care {hugs}