Alcoholism Through The Years

I grew up drinking beers and with my family since about 10. I did not start drinking around -the -clock 1/2 gallons of liquor until I was about 18. As im typing this right now, I sweat and can't even think clear. I've been to 2 rehabs and must have tried detox atleast 20 times. I've lost family members because of it.. I have been arrested 12 or 13 times and I feel like I have no future. Right now im 1 day sober and i guess I came on here today to see if anyone had any similar stories that were my age. I don't want any sympathy because i am a dumbass who did this to myself- just putting this out there.


Thank you for your interest. Im over the alcohol withdrawals. Now to live the REST OF MY LIFE without alcohol. Damn .....!

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I have a story to share buddy. I know what addiction is. I understand the nature of addiction. For a start bro, please stop feeling that you have figured yourself out. Please dont label yourself as anything being good or bad. You are much more than what you think about yourself. Please stop feeling that your current situation is permanent. It is not. Been a Heavy addict myself...It's been 5 years now since I am sober and given up completely... I really wish to help others come out of their addictions ..What Really helped me was Yoga...The Dependency on Substance abuse was completely removed..I found that in just 3 Months of Regular Practice I was able to keep off...please try googling for sudarshan kriya..its a yogic breathing changed my life...I had been a source of misery for myself and my loved ones..but all that changed once the addictions were I am here to say that freedom from addiction is here to cure one completely...i realized that this breathing technique has already helped millions of people around the world and is now medically proven to reduce dependency on substance abuse ...I hope the same for you as well...Take care

Dude, you have made the right decision. A life without alcohol is possible and can be happy and better than your life with it. It is a one day at a time quest....don't get stressed out by the thoughts of I CAN NEVER HAVE ANOTHER DRINK AGAIN, just focus on today. Get to a meeting and if that one doesn't work for you, try again until you find one that does. <br />
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Your thoughts toward drinking will begin to change once you get more and more sober days behind you. Your thoughts and head will begin to clear and you will appreciate the way you feel more than those aspects of drinking that you think (right now) that you will miss. <br />
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Make a commitment to yourself and to those in your family. Tell them and yourself you are powerless over alcohol and that you need to abstain completely, for you have tried and tried, but you just are not capable of having only a few drinks. You are not alone in this, so seek out the company of others that also have had the courage to face their problem. <br />
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Best of luck to you.

tried naltrexone?<br />
look up 'sinclair method' <br />
he's a doctor who discovered if you take naltrexone and keep on drinking, you lose the desire to get plastered. you drink less and less. so, no DT's, no hoorendous struggle. it just fades, but you need to be willing to take a 50mg tablet an hour before you intend to drink, for the rest of your life. not a big commitment, really, and it enables one to participate in social functions that might otherwise be onerous. it was working well for me, but since my presc<x>ription lapsed, and this coincided with major life change, my situation at the moment is fairly predictable. (he says sipping a pinot as he types)<br />
so, for me, back to the doctor, and make sure that i will always have a supply of these little life savers. <br />
if nothing else, if you have these tablets in your medicine chest, and you do backslide, it is the difference between disaster and simply being able to chalk it up to experience.<br />
good luck...

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Good for!!! This is what u really want! Keep going

I also vote for AA and for not boozing ONE DAY AT A TIME --Just For Today! There is life after detox and mine started with finding AA meetings to attend and sober folks there to learn from. "There is a Solution!"

were your arrests realted to alcohol? had my fisrt DUI and it pretty much made go cold turkey for fear of the consequnces. i hope it doesnt come to that for you......u have a chance at clean record ....<br />
if u have had a dUI can u tell me hows it affecting you? for me its making me feel like a cat on a hit tin roof, jumpy and scared///<br />
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No-one is born with problems like this, you were born in to an environment where it was deemed acceptable to use alcohol from a very young age. You're not a dumbass either, alcholism as you know, is a disease-it's not a choice that you become that way and in that respect you are very much a victim. One good thing is that you have become angry enough to give it the boot, it's been hard work and an uphill struggle but yet you persist :-) I love the fact that you have hope, if you were too far gone with this illness you wouldn't even have the concept of hope-damn right, you weren't given life to be a slave to anything-I hope life brings you the best of everything and in that way you find inner peace and happiness. Thoughts with you :o) x

Having just read your story, I want to say that you do seem like a strong and focused person and that that in itself will be what pulls you through, I really admire your honesty also and openess to other people, the alcoholism hasn't completely swallowed you up, it's wrecked a lot of your life but you know, you still have tomorrow,-good for you, I think you're doing great! :o) x

Just wanted to wish you good luck and send some encouragement. Yay go you!

My mother died a few months ago and was a lifelong alcoholic. She never admitted she had a problem. She was high functioning. One of my close dear friends who is in his 70's has been sober for over 20 years. His son, who is in his 50's is trying to DT as we speak. He's got the shakes very bad and has been in and out of rehab more times than I can count. <br />
While I have not been there, I have known and loved many who struggle with alcohol. The ones who get sober and remain that way rely on a Higher Being to stay that way. I implore you to find an AA meeting and sponsor. If you don't like one, there is another AA group down the road. They are everywhere... I wish you luck and much progress. It is one day at a time. Kudos for being brave enough to open up.

No one relapses who really works the Program.

You do NOT have to stay sober for "the rest of your life." You only have to stay sober today. Just for today. Just for today.<br />
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Have you tried AA? It saved my life.

Wow, glad you realize your problem now and not like 10 years from now....I dated and lived with a major alcoholic for about 2 years...was one of the hardest relationships to part from - I could not save him and he did not want to stop. I did not want to become an alcoholic (I was either already a small one or well on my way) and so I moved far, far, far away from everyone and everything I knew...I changed me and got comfortable with me being sober. Now I am never bored, I am pretty much happy just being and I might drink 2 times in a year. There were a few years in there where I didn't drink at all. It does not bother me to not drink or to be around others who are drinking when I am not. <br />
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The only advice I can give is to figure out who you are and what is important to you personally. Figure out what you want out of life and then set some goals to get there. Take up hobbies where there is a challange, something that you want to become better at. Don't drink and you did right to stay away from your friends who are.<br />
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My best friend for years and years....she is a severe alcoholic and I can't stand to be around her makes me sick to see what she has become. My nephew will be 18 this month and is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison for killing someone, he needed rehab and now its too late.<br />
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I think you are smart, brave and there is nothing in this life that you cannot accomplish, now get out there and LIVE

Join a twelve step group like AA. You cant overcome this on your own.

There are so many things in this world. Try some other things to relax.

hey thomas... i can't say that i have experience with what you're going through... but i'm sure others on here do. it's just a matter of time before you hear from them, i'm sure. <br />
<br />
i mostly just wanted to congratulate you on "day one" and tell you that i'm pulling for you. i just learned this week that there are medically assisted alcohol recovery programs. have you heard of them, or checked into them yet? if not, it may be worthwhile.<br />
<br />
anyway... best of luck, and stay strong! :0]