25 Days

I have been sober 25 days this time. I think it's for good this time, it's only been 15 years since I took my first drink at 14. Its only been 9years since I was in rehab. I dont think of an ice cold beer all the time anymore, I dont spend my last ten dollars on a six pack anymore. I dont worry about where I will get my next drink anymore, because I dont take the first one anymore. Its surprising the clarity and control I have now. I think I kinda like it. Its always going to be lurking around I know, there in my shadows that want that need that urge to take a drink. Its never going to leave me alone, but as long as I am in control with a clear head I will be able to stay ahead of this disease. I am an alcoholic, but I have 25 days.
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Well done girl - keep at it :)<br />
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47 days.............

37 days the last couple of days have been hard, oh how I'd love to drink too get numb hide from my emotions. But I won't I will feel the anger, the pain, and hurt. I will stay sober, my body feels better though, even lost weight. I am sober today :)

Today is day 31, if I was in AA I would have gotten my 30 day chip :) it is easier and easier everyday for all u quitters out there you really do take it a day at a time. No one is immune to this diesease just look at the recent passing of Whitney Houston a sad and tragic tale of drug and alcohol abuse. You can have all the money and fame in the world but it won't buy immortality. I have two years of sobriety from drugs, now its so long alcohol!!!

Good luck to both of you. I know just where you are both at, I have been there. Before I quit drinking I had progressed to the chronic stage. 2 oor 3 drinks and I was as drunk as the night before or 4 hours ago. The booze didn't work for me anymore, I had been to several rehab centers, doctors, counselors etc with no success at anything like long term sobriety. I had been in and out of AA several times and it hadn't worked. I thought those people were crazy, I couldn't believe that anyone could stay sober for 10,20 years or longer. They laughed and smiled and thought this thing was a joke while I was so damn miserable I couldn't take it anymore and all I wanted to do was die, and too much of a coward to kill myself. Back to rehab I go under some very strange circumstances, but go I did. This was a VA facility and reputed to be the toughest in their system. They preached nothing but AA to us and having heard it all before I cringed. A very strange thing happened on the 3rd day I was there going through hell with the shakes, sweats, and everythiing else that goes with sobering up. I suddenly reallized that what those people were telling me had started to make sense to me. I listened in meetings and began to be able to apply it to myself. Since that time I have never been alone again, have never been drunk, I am not living my life in abject fear. It has been working for me now for 24 years or at least it will be on the 13th. I attended a meeting tonight on the backside at Churchill Downs, in the stable area at the rec room where the meeting is held between the pool tables and the betting windows. It does not make any difference where it is at, but the people in the rooms. I have never been given bad advice in a AA meeting, people in the rooms really care about you getting sober. I owe those people my life and very appreciative.<br />
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AA is not for everyone, and certainly is not the only way to get sober, but it was the only way for me, but didn't realize it until I became willing to listen and become teachable. I don't know if my story will help but I truly wish you both the very best on your journey.

Good luck the first week or so is the hardest, be open to different coping skills. You learn allot of useful tools from rehab if u open your mind and are willing, youuuuuu are the only key to your success!! Today I have 26 days!!!

As my fingers are crossed for you!! It's no fun, being the one who can't drink because you can't ever have just one!!

I hope its for good. I am trying to do the same and your right - Its the first drink that must be avoided. I think I am finished for good as well. Ive been drinking for 20 years. My fingers are crossed for you, good luck.