Sober For 90 Days And Counting

I quit on New Year's Day of 2012, although my husband only quit for 30 days.  He's back drinking, and I am continuing with my sobriety.

Experiencing changes in my body - not just nervous twitches, but also sensitive digestion and menstrual headaches.  Trying out a naturopath, who has me on probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes, protein and WATER.  Most importantly, water!!! My body and mind got pretty used to getting my thirst quenched with wine, beer, or tequila.

Exercising more, mostly because I'm not calling in sick - to work, the gym, and seeing friends!  Already lost about 5 pounds, and all of my clothes are too big for me.

Feeling good, want to continue!
Hachan Hachan
41-45, F
4 Responses Apr 4, 2012

I am past 6 months, and it keeps getting easier and easier. I haven't experienced all situations, and sometimes it's awkward, but I remind myself of how good I feel and look.<br />
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I am becoming aware of codependency patterns on my part and my husband's. <br />
<br />
His excessive drinking is an excellent deterrent. I don't want to touch that poison and don't care that it's in the house.<br />
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The problem is that he is defending his addiction and very fearful of the healthy changes I am making and that I will leave him in the dust of other shedded bad influences.

Awesome I am 100 days today and feel good not having the hangovers and my life is manageable again. I cant be with someone who drinks it messes up my sobriety and makes me drink so good luck with that!!

I hope you are staying on the path to being sober, I have 82 days. Everyday is better, its not always easy but everyday of being sober it better that the best day drinking. Just remember being an alcoholic is managable, it will only ruin your life if YOU let it. GOOD LUCK

Congrats! I am starting today! Y've tried to quit to many times and hope I can talk with about how you've made it this far. Thanks and way to go!!!