I Have Been A Acholic Sense I Was 15....

I have been a acholic for 4 years and its getting to be pretty bad..... I tried rehab and it doesnt work for me. Im only 19 and i feel like this is defeating me. I dont mean to drink but, its my way to cope with things. The worst part is im a mom and pregnant... I havent drank yet while im pregnant but temptation is taking over me. I feel like im going to fail my unborn son, my daughter and myself.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Take of your yourself today, one day at a time. Best wishes

thank you :)

just remember the consequences of drinking while pregnant, fetal alc ohol syndrome is real, and its very devestating. I knew a child who had it, and he remained infantile. He couldnt walk or talk at age eight. Also remember its a choice, that choice is only yours not anyone elses. I pray you make that choice for you and the for health of your baby. Good luck and may god bless you!!!!

Thank you and i pray that i make the right decision