Need A New Friend

Hello, I am suffering from a severe drinking problem I have had for many  years. I have been surrounded by people, addicts themselves that have treated me horribly. I also treat myself not very well either. I need someone who  understands  and  that I can talk to and relate with.
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

I shared a story today. I decided to quit drinking today. I am going to go to AA Meetings to help me stay sober. Also, I have church friends who are going to help me.

i also suffer with alcohol. well im an alcoholic. i had been going to aa meetings but i drank again on monday, made huge mistakes and now i feel like iv ruined eveything. you may think i might not understand as im only 24 but trust me i do. i am living in a nightmare

Have you tried going to a 12 step meeting? Just go to listen to people's stories, view it as a group therapy session. I found out that a whole bunch of people have similar problems and have made peace with themselves and improved their lives.<br />
Best wishes.