I've been an alcoholic for many years now, I've known I had a problem from my very first drink, I'm sick of this now and I'm scared of loosing my husband, he hasn't threatened to leave me, but I'd rather be the best woman I can be, not the drunk that screws up perfectly good times. I've never been to an aa meeting and am not sure what to do with this website, I hope to get some pointers and to get myself under control.
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A good start is to call the AA central office in your area and ask that a female member contact you and try and help. She can explain how AA works and what you need to do. It is the only thing that ever worked for me and I have tried everything known to God and man to quit drinking on my own and nothing ever worked. Doctors, hospitals, re-hab. The first doctor I ever saw about my problems quickly told me I had a drinking problem and to go to AA. I was in my mid twenties and married to my first wife. Didn't get sober until I was 41 and first wife and children where gone. Second wife threw me out and I went from owning a business with a high 6 figure net worth to being homeless. Wanted to kill myself but didn't have the guts, but wanted to die. Started to go to AA again and it suddenly started to make sense to me what the people were saying. It is now 24 years later and I am still sober. Not always a bed of roses but my life today is a happy one even on the bad days. Give AA a shot and just listen to what the program has to offer. It is not easy but it is not complicated. Good Luck

Just take care of yourself today, don't get stuck in the past or future! <br />
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I am not a hardcore AA person with a sponsor or anything, but going to AA meetings helps me drink less. <br />
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You know you want to change, you can change. Just for today :)