The Legal Age For Drinking Is 18 Where I Live.

I could sit here and write about 'oh what a terrible childhood I had' and I would be telling the truth, but no I am going to say...
- I started drinking when I was 12 to escape my head (wasn't really that hard to get access to grog given that I had an older brother and parents with a full alcohol cupboard who didn't drink).
- When I was 16 I could justify drinking because of the people I hung around and I was only drinking at school because that was the type of person I was.
- At the age of 18 I was drinking one-two bottles of vodka + a bottle of wine a day but only because my house mate was insane and I needed the alcohol to be able to deal with her. (if it was a "party night" I would drink anything and everything which left me very sick.) 
- Just after I turned 19 I was suddenly admitted into hospital so I hadn't had time to pack alcohol and I was on ward so I couldn't go buy any. This was the week I learned I had a drinking problem. I had to detox (that was hell). Then I craved and I had never felt anything like it before. So I was finally forced to face my addiction head on. During this I looked back on the last 7 years of my life in dot point form just like I wrote here and saw all my sad little excuses and reasons that I gave myself for drinking.
- Now I am 20 and I still battle my alcoholism and I still some times try to deny it. I am not recovered, but I am recovering.

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your better off trying to do something about it before it gets a chance to do any damage. ive got type 1 diabetes after pancreaitis through drink and ive managed to develop cirohciss i cant spell it i just know my liver cant heal but doesnt seem to be getting worse ive gotta have an ultrasound every 6 month. im off the booze though not had a drink for 2 year. but i could kick myself for taking it to these extremes.but i think thats the only way i couldve stopped. good luck.

my heart goes out to you. I feel so alone in my problem, I feel like i'm the only one doing it, the only person at 20 years old who can drink a 70cl of vodka straight like water and still want more. My problem also comes from childhood issues, my dad's alcoholism and the fact I would sit and get drunk with him at 14 years old. He sometimes forgot that I was a kid because I spouted such wisdom. You have reminded me that im not alone, and even if I hit rock bottom, (if this isnt already it), I will find a way back up again.

I am sorry to hear. I can feel u. Cuz I am alcoholic. Cuz I tried help my family but I went wrong way. Now I am crying everyday why I went to wrong way. Noone can understand me

Glad to hear your on your way to recovery at such a young age. I myself waited till I was 36. What worked for me was attending Alcoholics Anonymous and working through the 12 steps with a sponsor. I had tried everything before that such as moving,different friends,scenery etc. That was just me running from my problem. Just keep your head up and you will succeed.

You will never be recovered, but your efforts need to be commended.<br />
<br />
I'm proud of you that you can make the differentiation between having fun and being a full-fledged alcoholic. I have alcoholics in my family and as you more than likely know, it's not a good situation.<br />
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Keep up the good fight young lady!

Go to an AA Metting and listen up!! You will meat "many" people just like yourself.<br />
The Twelve Step Program works!!! It works if you work it. Honest.<br />
Good luck!

I know how ya feel i was brought up in a drinkin household and now i took mine to far just cant seem to stop no more .

I'll tell you straight off that you cant find sobriety alone. Seek help from a twelve step group like maybe Alanon or AA. And realise that if you dont act on this, this sickness will kill you after a misserable life of hurting other people.

I think it's all about moderation and balance but I myself at 41 have only been able to achieve that in short bursts. I live with a man who has a lot of will power. His strength has flowed over to me and he helped me believe and see that it is possible to have fun with out alcohol, to actually have more fun because you can even remember it later! Now I only occasionally drink and never in bars and rarely liquor. I like the comment above about it becoming less and less unusual not to drink. I know that is true because I lived it and it feels great, and gets easier and easier esp. not to have to drag that heavy bag of shame around. Also the comment about volunteering or helping someone is awesome. Addiction is so selfish but the true way to find yourself is to give yourself away! Good luck!

I agree with freebutterfly. If you can admit to yourself that you are an alcoholic ( which I am ) you can not have even one. Now I'm not perfect and I've lapsed and relapsed for years now but one thing is certain for me.... if I pick up one drink, I wont stop until blackout and it's a scary thing not to remember anything, to lose hours or even days. I can not and will not ever remember because the memory simply does not form. I watch my 87 year old grandmother with Alzeimers starting to forget her own childrens ( my Father included ) names and I realise she is living the hell that I put myself through day in and day out but unlike her, I have a choice. We all do.

I had to really want it and be willing to go to any length to get it! That meant changing people, places and things and not taking that first drink. I had to associate with only non drinking environements and make some new friends that were in recovery and wanted to get well. There are more and more younger people coming into the rooms all the time and there are meetings for younger members. A day at a time, you are worth it!!

There's some seriously scary information out here. I don't know about anyone else. I do know that I am an alcoholic and an addict. I have never, in my entire life , had ONE of anything. What would be the point? I used booze and drugs to get escape my own head and feelings and one drink or pill just didn't do that for me. I had insanely high tolerance. I'm quite petite but could drink the football pla<x>yers under the table in high school. And then appear sober enough to drive everybody home.<br />
<br />
People with the disease (it really is a disease) of addiction/alcoholism have wacky metabolisms. They really can drink the football team under the table. They also walk around feeling there is a big piece of them missing and somehow drugs/alcohol fills that hole for a while. It's really not partying to us. It's killing the pain. Problem is -- the whole just keeps being there (getting bigger) and booze and drugs do not fill it. The booze and drugs just destroy our lives, and take away everything from us, Alcoholism/addiction are defined as incurable, chronic (life-long), progressive and fatal diseases. They are killers.<br />
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Many millions of people who have problems with alcoholism and drug addiction are finding recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These fellowships will help you find a way to live sober, have fun, find friendships, a reasonable degreee of happiness, and live free from addiction one day at a time. It's an incredible journey and and a wonderful one to be on.

i dont have anything to say becuz u are just a week individual i cant say i know what u went through becuz ever one goes through stuff but i have a ****** childhood and i still have a issues and there is a constant battle in my mind, dont let it over run u be strong enuff to take control let me tell you this i use to smoke hard weed from i was 13 trying to get away from my problems that dont make it go away just **** up things more , recently i picked up drinking til i became dependent and i decide i am not going to make it ruin me and i stopped u can control ur life alcohol doesn't ave to

It's not so wrong to drink now and then, but you just have to keep in mind that you shouldn't get drunk sensless every day. I've been drinking since I was 16 but I've never been addicted to drinking. Sometimes I would go months without a drink, and sometimes I would get drunk 5 days in a row, but I've never let myself drink enough to pass out or end up in a hospital. All my friends drink, but we don't let eachother 'drink too much'.<br />
You'll know you've overcame your addiction the day you drink a glass and then not fill another one immediately after. Avoiding it completelly will never solve your problem, you'll always be attached to it, because you know you shouldn't do it again, so the craving and the temptation will always be there.<br />
Allow yourself a glass of something now and then, but only one glass, and enjoy it slowly. Then put away the bottle and go on with your life. Then you'll know you've really beaten your addiction.<br />
P.S. When I was growing up we didn't have a legal drinking age where I live, but after I've turned 19 they decided that 18 is the limit. I guess I was never limited in that way :)

Not sure it will ever get easier but it will become less and less unusual not to drink. I have watched someone become sober after years of denial and it isn't any easier for him but it becomes more normal not to go home or go out just to drink.

lol drinking is nothing to be ashamed of you only get one chance to live why not drink it away theres nothing wrong with you i think if people whould stop filling your mind up with crap and live your life the way you want to unless you wanted to quit which is cool to i recently quit smoking so good for you if you decide to quit drinking but like i said before you only have one life live it to the fullest i live in the fast lane so bottoms up

dying of liver disease isnt quick mate. dying of pancreaitis isnt a very nice way to go either. becoming incontinent hardly being able to move about having a **** and **** bag all of these things and more.screwing up all your family and friends none of this is havin a great time and dyin a quick death at a young age. unless you top yourself when you are young and break everybody's heart who does love you its a slow death alcoholism believe me i know a few who've done it and not many people missed them.and usually theres pain especially with the pancreas. think on.

I am into the human mind and feelings, and i think that the best thing you can do is change the things that make you feel like you need alcohol. if something is depressing/ bugging you get away from that and immerse yourself in something more selfless. like maybe give a random person on the streets soup, or doing some volunteer work, don't do anything to stressful though. alcohol is an addiction and no one should have to suffer through the things you have. maybe you can even try to volunteer at an alcohol addiction program.

I feel for you sweety. I think addiction is the hardest disease to come to grips with. I too am an addict, alcholc. Recovering? I don't know, don't use as much, but still do now and then. Been in treatment, been to psychiatrists, been baker acted, and jailed. I am now in college. Been sober for years, been drunk for years and on various drugs. It's my coping tool. Perhaps not the best one, but it's nothing I hide, my family and friends know, anyone who knows me well. I don't care, it's part of who I am, and I function just fine. Lost it for a while when I had boyfriends that beat me. But I got away from that and alchol and drugs aren't done everyday, to a bad extreme, it's been a long time since I have been arrested. Not to mention I'm back in college. Will I some day crash and burn? Who knows. I know that I have changed for the better. I will forever be prescribed heavy drugs because of all of the damage done to my body from previous relationships and beatings. Hey if I had a choice I wouldn't have chosen to be this way, but I am. You're young still, I know it took me a lot longer to get to know me all because of starting at a young age. I am one of the lucky ones though, not many last as long as me after what I have done and what was done to me. But I'll be damned if I go out on a sour note. Don't believe in fights, violence, or mistreatment. I love life, my family, my friends. Live life to the fullest, make people smile. You have to still believe in youself. If alcohol gets in the way, then drop it. Some people get mean, some to escape their situation, some to relax. You really have to know yourself to know when enough is enough. Just one more note. Through out all of my times being 'rehabilitated', I have learned that addicts (alcoholics) are the most creative, and personable people there is. Life is what you make it, make it work for you!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!.You are very strong to be able to admit that you are a alcoholic.God Bless You in Your recovery.Jesus loves You and even thought I don't know You,I do too.

Hello, I too am an alcoholic, but I waited until I was in my 40's before I admitted it and surrendered to God. I now work in a recovery center and see miracles all the time. If you would like to talk....let me know.

I to am a alcholic i kno that i am i mostly drink every day i am hoping to stop one of these days just not ready right yet but soon i just dont like the sickness that ciomes with stopping

hello, just wondering are you in AA

I was in that place long ago. I still do drink at my neighbors house for parties, but I will not liquor to be kept in my house as I know what will happen to it. I think people need to have a reason to change their ways. Driftwood saw what it had done to their life your boyfriend has nothing to lose. You stay with him despite the problem. If he faced the consequences of his actions it might be diffrent.<br />
<br />
At least it was that way for me. I had realised all my "friends" just wanted to go out and drink. I was dropping about $300 in bars a night that I was a regular at on 151. I almost lost the woman I loved and I was very close to hurting somebody just out of sheer frustration. Thats when I took my step back. Like I said I still drink so probaly not the best example, but if he has a good enough reason he will put that bottle down either that or he needs surgery to remove his head from his arse :) <br />
<br />
I hope that helped and didn't sound concieted as that was not my intent.

I was wondering if you had any advice on what a girl friend of an alcoholic can do. every night he says hes going to quit the next day... then he drinks 2 5ths of vodka the next day. I tell him to loose his friends that are stressing him out and his mom and his sister..... and he says he will but he never does.... he says he will make money (which he hasnt in 10 years) and he just drinks. I can tell he wants to be better but its getting him past the shakes and craveing I cant do it for him even though I wish I could.

You can't change him. It cannot be reasoned with. He is an alcoholic by definition, based on the fact he says he won't drink but then he does. The reasons he gives you are just excuses. I strongly suggest you secretly take a few appointments with a drug and alcohol counsellor. They will give you the direction you need to do what is the right option. Good luck honey xx

Have you tried removing yourself from the environments in which you drink? Maybe getting diffrent friends? Perhaps if you remove yourself from the situations that you put yourself in you will be less tempted, and you can begin to work on your problem.