128 Days

I've been trying to write every thirty days or so, but things have been so good I haven't had to vent. Its been better every day, I'm not craving like I was, don't get me wrong everytime a commercial comes on with a new beer or beverage I say "man I wish I could try that" but I get over it. To all you people out there just remember you are worth the fight to be sober. Dont be the victim of alcohol. I finally have come that conclusion, it took me a long time. I hurt myself and alot of people on the way. Most out whom I've made amends to, the hardest person to ask for forgiveness was myself. We are worthy of sobriety, no matter what your past is.......until next I remain faithfully SOBER!!!
BrownEyedGirl09 BrownEyedGirl09
26-30, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Speaking/ writing isnt al about venting. It's good stuff as well. Experience , strength, and hope. I am still very uncomfortable speaking, and i haven't written anything here yet. Maybe ill try tonight, and the speaking part will get easier...<br />
At any rate, keep on posting! We need it! Whether venting, or your good day, it plays a part in keeping someone sober today!

As always your advice and support is always inspiring Robertalan :) I've been sober from alcohol for almost five months, and sober from drugs for six years too crazy jason!