I Am An Alcoholic

I am an alcoholic,
That is hard for me to say... I would always had reasons for drinking. I had people over, I had a bad day, I wanted the mental pain to go away. I lost all my friends, I might loose my son (that is my rock bottom). Recently, I had to tell my family that I am an alcoholic. I am an alcoholic who can get up and go to work everyday and take care of a family. I was hiding it for sometime. Now everyone knows. I got into a fight with my boyfriend last and I decided to call the police and now everyone knows about me. I hit rock bottom and do not know where to go from here but I do know that I have admitted I have a problem and I need help.
Mouseroni Mouseroni
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2012

Get a group and the women will take care of you and help you get better.