Stopping Drinking Without Having A Detox

I'm an alcoholic and have recently stopped drinking without a detox. It was 3 days ago since my last drink. I have had really bad withdrawal - shakes, sweats, vomiting, rapid heart etc, but feel much better today. I've been reading up on the internet about stopping suddenly without a detox and have now got really worried coz of all the talk of how bad it is to do this, you could have permanent brain damage, etc.

Is this just scaremongering or is it true. And if it's true, does it make any difference to me as I had my last drink 3 days ago so the alcohol will be out of my system anyway?

I'd be grateful for any advice anyone has
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Congratulations on choosing to be sober.

Thanks Lilt and Ceridwyn<br />
Not got a plan as such yet, but I know I can't do it alone - been there and failed many times. It's hard to know where to go to be honest - tried professional support, AA - all have which worked for a while but then I always relapse.<br />
I have great support at home and from my family but I can't help but think there is going to come a time when they've had enough of me. I suppose my self esteem is rock bottom at the moment.<br />
thanks again for your help

From the sound of your withdrawal symptoms, it seems like you were a pretty heavy drinker. It can be dangerous. I am glad you are feeling better today. Recovery is hard to do alone. Do you have a plan and support?