Coming Out!

Dear EP friends,

You are the 1st to know.  I am a closet, binge drinker.  I use alcohol to ease my emotional pain.  I tried stopping on my own but can't do it.  Whenever life seems too overwhelming I always resort back to alcohol.  I am going to a woman's recovery home for 3 months.  Ouch........  I'm so afraid.  Being surround by a group of women day in and day out is quite overwhelming for me.  But they have an excellent reputation and a good success rate!!!  And I really want to learn better coping skills.  I tried AA and doing it on my own but didn't succeed so I'm trying something different.  It seems drastic but that's what I feel need.

I am very closetet about my drinking.  I never get drunk in public!!!  I'm very ashamed!!! I am going to have to come out to friends and family about this issue and am scared of their judgement.  I come from a very religious and proper family!!  

Please wish me luck!

I go into recovery on September 4th.  

lagatta lagatta
46-50, F
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Lagatta.... bless you for having the strength to tackle this demon and for sharing your journey. I have so much respect and admiration for you and I hope that you draw strength in return for what you reveal here :)

Thank you so much RedRubies! It's been a very difficult jouney for me. I've been a closeted driner for quite some time but I knew I would have to face my demons at some point. It was difficult comming out but I knew it was necessary. Once again thankyou for your support!

Oh. This is the true reason why you left. All this time I was happy that you were leaving because I thought you were going to go on a super long vacation and come back with some new and cool stories. I feel bad that I missed this.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. No one is perfect and we all have our faults. In fact, you are better than most of the people that I have ever met. You are the sun of my EP friendship circle and my life here on EP.

I know that you may not read this for awhile but I want you to know this: you are much braver than you realize. You have had to deal with a lot in your life yet you still manage to smile and remain happy. There are many people who have become bitter and jaded about life and its problems but not you. Your happiness is contagious and has often made me feel better when I was angry or feeling down about life.

You can do this!

You can win!

I have a feeling that going to recovery is going to be a positive experience for you and that you will make a lot of friends there. I will say a prayer for you as well.

You always have my love and support.

Social, I just saw this now! OMG! Thank you for your kind words! I know that you were raised by an alcoholic mother and I was very concerned you would judge me. However, you have been kind and unjugemental. Thank you! I am doing well and trying to kill my demons but people's support is always helpfull. Thank you!

First of all, I want to give you a (((((Big Hug)))))) , and tell you that anything is possible if you want and think you need it bad enough. <br />
I wish and hope all the best for you, be open to what is offered to you there. <br />
And regarding to your family and friends, I pray that they will support you because that is so important when going through a recovery process. <br />
At the end you will find out who is worth keeping and who is to be let go. <br />
<br />
Hugs. ^_^

Thanks Behopefull! I appreciate your support!

I am a closet drinker too! I thought I was the only one. I dont get drunk in public because I always embarrass my self or blackout and do something mortifying. I want to quit to.

Yes, me too. I'm very conscious of my image. You are still young. Get sober now if you can! It's a waste of time and money!

you are not alone i have a problem when i start drinking i don,t want to stop i hope you can do it i am pulling for you to stop completly you can do it hugs vinny

Thanks so much Vinny! I really appreciate your support! Addiction touches so many people's lives. Thank you for sharing with me!

your welcome let me share this to about 3 weeks ago i had to be rushed to the hospital my kidneys were starting to shut dow i was in icu for 2 days they thought i was not going to make it i did but if i drink at all it has to be no more than a couple or not at

oh wow. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you are doing okay now. But thanks for sharing that because it could certainly happen to me if I don't stop drinking.

well as of now i am not drinking at all taking meds to help my kidneys heal

I used to drink my emotions away too....but we both know, that doesn't's been 4 yrs since i had a drink...the greatest thing ever!!!!! you'll see :)

I'm looking forward to learning new life coping skills. Thanks for your support Pretty! :)

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