Can Not Quit, Please Help.

English is not my first language, I’m sorry in advance, I’m drunk right know, I hate it, I started drinking when I was 18, since then, I have slowly became a very very heavy drinker (12 beers 2 or 3 times per week). Now I’m 42. For the first time I try to end alcohol consumption.
After a week without alcohol I’m opening my todays 9th beer. Most of my friends are heavy drinkers too. They kill half of bottle of whiskey or more while I kill 12 light beers sometimes more. The next day is terrible for me, but I can still work well enough to invoice way more than my workers (I own a small company that improves the performance of other companies software, I’m still techy). I never drink in front of my kids (this summer I spent two weeks in Paris without drinking …while I’m in vacations with my kids I don t even have crabs) but here in my home town I can easily end up drinking by myself. I only smoke when I drink, but when I drink I can smoke 20 cigarettes or more. A month ago my tennis partner had a major injury (tennis injury), since then I have visit him often, but I have not play tennis or run or make any good enough exercise, ..just open my 10th beer. I am for sure an alcoholic. ….I’m normal in vacations but here in monterrey I can’t have a week without alcohol.
BTW I have drunk drive several times, one of them I felt asleep and hit a concrete column, but in a way that only the car was injured. Thanks God!
I’m writing this in hope of tips-help.
I have already (a minute ago) answer requests for tennis matches with some I hope future friends, and enroll in a fathers soccer team. (Last time I played soccer I had a to have a knee surgery, that’s when the big drinking started)
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I am a recovering alcoholic. I have been sober almost 2 years so I am by no means a veteran. You may want to look into a rehab program. I couldn't stop drinking and when I tried to do it myself I only lasted a few days and had to be hospitalized for withdrawal. Alcohol will kill you. It distorts your perception and thus your ability to truly experience life and connect with those around you. Going to rehab got me on the right track and I haven't looked back. The bottom line is, if you're an alcoholic and you want to won't be able to do it alone, you must get help