A New Law For Alccohlics

When I was drinking heavy I had this wonderful plan (I'm so smart) when I would go to the liquor store to buy my 6 pack of 16oz beer I would buy three or four vodka shooters.When I got home I would hide them in the garage and take the beer in the house.After a couple of beers I would have to check the sprinkler system(or a host of outher things)have me a little shooter and go back inside or back to what ever we were doing. After a while my wife woud say you sure acting funny for 5 beers ( she knows how much I can drink) I would blame It on not eating or whatever I could think of. When I was out of beer I was the good guy cause I was done for the day but boy did I have alot of thing to do in the garage for the rest of the day!
I said all of that so I could tell you the new law NEVER CLEAN YOUR GARAGE 6 DAYS INTO BEING SOBER WITHOUT SUPERVISION!!!!!
WITH IN 5 MIN I NEW I WAS IN TROUBLE. If you cant remember where you hide stuff in the garage then stay out of the garage I put my walking shoes on and went to the lake I"ll finish when I have supervision(wife) and I know one thing tor damn sure I ain't cleaning the basement.

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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

good idea

I'm sorry this made me laugh, only because I would always drink the house dry, there was never anything left to find!