Just Another Alcoholic

would be easy to say that i started drinking because of my father and mother always arguing, just as easy to say i started drinking because they both drank to excess, my mother came over from ireland as a tea totaller met my dad and it began same old same old can use the fact of well my father was a big womanizer i never knew where i was gonna be sleeping from one day to the next. Can go on with a lot of sob storys but the fact is at 16 i started to drink i am now 44 and still drink yes its fun yes its enjoyable and those around me like the fact that i drink apparently i am more funny drunk and that they like. Those around me love the fact that i can give them advice which according to them is good. They like me fixing their computers. They like me doing their odd jobs. Yet and this is it what do i get from it , i totally enjoy drinking and being oblivious. in the past i have worked upto 18 hours a day was many a time that i simply slept on the canteen tables because it was not worth going home, used to even keep a suit at work for the occasions when i intended to just finish work get changed and go out and party i and others around me thought that was cool. Here i am now unemployed no relationship and every day i want to die alcohol is ok if you can control it and not let it control you. Ii know just a ramble from an idiot but if anybody reads this take this one message from it, admit it to yourself and be prepared to make changes in you life because you will have to which will enable you to overcome the problem but ADMIT THE PROBLEM
balgor balgor
Dec 1, 2012