Same Old Binge

I am a binge drinker and a heavy one at that. My binges usually last a whole weekend. I've never been an everyday drinker because when I'm done with my binge, I'm usually in the bed for at least a week. Sometimes up to 3. I have been 9 months without drinking, but got off track mentally. So needless to say, here I am again. The guilt, shame, and mental anguish has left me almost hopeless. My wife has given me one more chance at this. Actually i told her if this happens again, i will leave. It's not fair to her or me. As soon as I'm able to get back up and out of the bed, I will be attending a program this time. I've tried on my own, but that hasn't worked. Anyone who has/had a problem with binge drinking, any advice and kind words would be greatly appreciated. I am 32 year old.
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Thats great very best of luck to you. I am very good at the moment.

How you doing ?

Pretty good as we speak. I will be entering a 4 month program Friday. It's called Reformers Unanimous. I think it will be a good start. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you

Have you tried AA?

Yes. Didn't stick with it though.

I wish you well Topple

I appreciate it!

You know you have a problem and want to sort it that's good be true to yourself and live every day not looking back or forward just live and love

Thanks! I appreciate your response. I have a problem with not looking back. I have been in bed since last Saturday. The guilt and shame are killing me! I just hope I'm able to participate with the family in celebrating Christmas this year. I've been here before and sometimes it takes up to 3 weeks for me to recuperate.