305 Days

305 days ago I was a mess. Drinking all the time, and when I wasnt drinking I was thinking about drinking. I never really thought I could get this far. It took almost losing my marriage of eight years to finally wake me up. Not to mention terrifing our children in the process. It get easier with time to say no to the drink, it also gets dangerous. You start to think your cured , but I've relapsed enough in my life to know better. Once I start I can't stop. I've always been self destructive. As early as being a toddler and pulling out my own hair, and in grade school getting into poison ivy because I was mad at my parents. I always want to drink when I am feeling sorry for myself. But I've got 305 days and I don't feel sorry anymore.......i feel wonderful!
BrownEyedGirl09 BrownEyedGirl09
26-30, F
3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Good for you Brown eyed girl! Keep up the good work. One year of sobriety is sooo close! I had a bad experience with a relapse but I am seven days sober today and feeling very optimistic. I would like to communicate periodically with you for support! Check out my most recent story under I AM AN ALCOHIC, and you will see where I am at. Happy Holidays!

305 days is great! I would like to get 1!

Im so pleased ,one day at a time , keep it simple , and but for the grace of God , well done