Sober 65 Days.

Iv'e been drinking since I was 15. Not real heavy until maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I'm 36 now and was drinking anywhere from a 12 pack to an 18 pack of beer every night, then a pint of vodka and 5 to 6 beers a night. Then for 2 years went through a gallon of vodka every 3 days (with 3/4 beers as chaser) I felt like I was dying one night, went to the er and swear I wouldn't drink vodka again. Drank just beer for 6 months then went back to the vodka. Nov. 9th 2012 was my last drink. I woke up on the 10th..same feeling as before. Death coming to take me, back to the er but didn't tell them I was an alcoholic so of course they didn't know how to treat me. They kept me over night saying I must of had a severe anxiety attack. I v'e seen 3 doctors since then doing all this cold turkey has been really hard. I thought they would give me something to calm my nerves but they just gave me anti-depression med. I'm not trying to trade one habit for another so I understand where these doc.s are coming from. I just have no one around me that knows what I'm going through. My mother says..Well, you already got over the hurtle. And what hurtle would that be? I just want to scream "THERE IS NO HURTLE TO GET OVER!" you think about it everyday at least once, sometimes more. My husband has never been a drinker so when he sees me getting the shakes and pacing the floors. He just says what is wrong with you? When I try to explain, I get looked at like I'm some kind of lab rat under going some new experiment. I end of feeling stupid for even saying anything and try to hide when I'm going through my worst. Most of the time I come here. To my computer to stay busy. Then I get crap for that. If anyone feels like talking..please let me know I'm not alone. Thanks.
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Cold turkey is a very dangerous way to stop drinking. Being honest with your doctors and having a supervised recovery is extremely hard but is much safer for your health. I tried cold turkey and woke up one day in the the ICU with no recollection of how I got there. I had been there for five days. I later found out that my friend had called an ambulance after I started shaking uncontrollably and passed out. In a way that was the wake up call I needed. After that I was able to get the help I really needed. I hope you get the help you need without having to experience the same thing.

I didn't have wish to drink for first 6 months... Next 6 months I was struggling not to drink... After one year of staying sober I got drunk... That is the longest period without booze... From then - I had different periods..... I was drinking less or more.... Actually, I drank 3 beers today and my girlfriend got angry ( even if I said to her it was only one beer )... I wanted to say: I understand you... Staying sober is pretty complicated process... I know what you are going through

Keep it up. I would love ot get 67 days

I read your story... Thanks for sharing. You are NOT alone

You are by no means alone. AA meetings have helped me out a lot. There will definitely be struggles, but if you keep your guard up sobriety can be a wonderful thing! You are welcomed to email me if you need to talk. Keep up the good work, because 65 days is great, but I also need to learn it's one day at a time.

One day at a time is the perfect words. I'm on day 67 now and I still get my moments of weakness. Yet I try to stay busy or talk it out. Iv'e thought about going to AA but the last times I had went..I ended up putting up a bottle on the way home. Maybe I just haven't found the right group yet?

The right group is important. I was lucky and asked around. I got a sponsor. I also tried to sit next to people who looked my age. I was scared when I went to my first one, but I said "F" it...I wanted to stop. I poured my heart out and a person put his arm around me and said it was ok, and that I was the most important person at the meeting. It really felt great. He guided me to someone else...who guided me to a different group and I found a sponsor who is a mirror of me, just exactly a year ahead of me. Try an "all women" meeting. But 67 days is very good. You can do it, but you have to believe in yourself. That environment, when given the chance, can really help you get over the top. And if you are ever having can message me. :-) Keep talking it out. If you want to truly quit then you can do it. I am 33 and realized the importance of finding a group I can connect with very important. But I go every day and am trying a new one tonight.