3 Types Of People During Your Recovery

I associate my recovery from alcohol as a drowning victim. Someone who is struggling to keep their head above water and in a panic while bobbing up and down. We can't always save ourselves. So who are the people involved during your recovery and how should we respond?

1. Those that stand idly by. These are likely people who may not necessarily know how to help. They may stand back in frustration or even apathy. They may wait for you to swim to shore and greet them or they may just not care enough and don't want to see you drown. Our sobriety should be the most important thing to us, so we cannot judge or focus on why they've chosen to stand back. Realistically, we got ourselves in this water. They may be just as scared as we were. Fear is a natural defense mechanism and we must accept their decision.

2. Those that reach in and try to pull you out. Notice the word "try." As an addict we may not be ready to be saved. We may actually pull them in. Regardless, these are the most important people in our lives. We may want to try to swim on our own, but our track record proves we will sink like a rock without some help. Some people that reach out may not be the people you had hoped or wanted, but it is vital to grab a hold, keep fighting, get on land, and be thankful. We are lucky to have these people in our lives and sometimes the struggle of the undertow makes us forget.

3.Those that push you down. Notice the absence of the word "try." Some people may have actually pushed us into the water. Some may purposely holding you down. Some may be throwing you a rock thinking it's a life ring. The fact is, they probably don't know they're killing us. Maybe they're drowning along with us. The reality for most of us...it's us holding ourselves under. Chances are we would reach for someone else who is drowning. Why not do your best to reach a hand out for yourself.

I know I was put on this Earth to pull others out of the water. Now it's my turn.
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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Beautiful , very valuable words.When I was at my wits' end , didn't know how to stay clean, there were these people in the meeting rooms who set examples, who explained n shared with me their recovery, their hope n strength n told me "Keep coming back, you'll stay clean,too." , who told me that "An addict , any addict , can stop using, loose the desire to use and find a new way of life !"
And yes, now it's my turn to carry the same message of hope and the promise of freedom.
Thank you
Love n Hugs

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I think recognizing the people that are a part of my recovery, whether good or bad, has helped me figure out how to cope with negativity. We got this! One at a time.