Ever Heard the Exspression "Drunk As Cooter Brown"? Well I'm His Great-grandson.

    My alcoholism is not the product of an alcoholic home as a child, or a single tragic event or anything; I just ended up one.  How do I  know I'm an alcoholic? Why years of exstensive research "tieing one on" ofcourse.

    What is the argument supporting my diagnosis of alcoholism? Well, When I take a drink I can't control how much I drink or what happens next. I used to tell myself "I'll just have two or three and cut myself off", and always end up hammered. In the mourning I would swear I'd never touch another drop only to repeat the cycle again. This went on for years.

      The first time I drank I got drunk. I've drank alcoholicly since I was of age 14. Ive got a lot of war stories but thats not what I want to  focus on right now because if your an alcoholic you already know the territory that comes with an alcoholic lifestyle.   

     So when my life became so miserable I could not stand to be in my own skin anymore I started to try to find a solution. I've tried everything from Listening to Anthony Robbins to attending church daily; I still couldn't keep myself sober for more than a couple of days.   

     I just celibrated a year of recovery from being a daily drinker; I mean a mourning drinker. I stopped popping pills, smoking Pot, and even cigarettes. How did I do it? Not alone and niether can you. only an alcoholic can truly understand and help another alcoholic. Ask me how. 
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I fully understand. WE cannot take "a" drink and quit. We can't stay stopped unless we're doing it for ourselves, nobody else. One Day at a Time. I'm close to 9,000 consecutive days without a drink.

Congratulations ! Keep coming back, it works. Love n Hugs

I think you come accross more arrogant than you mean to, or really are. You imply you have lots of support (aa?) but don't say 'ask me' when you must know alcoholism is personal and it is hard to reach out. u r no expert, but just one of ten billion (ok-future) sufferers! you sound on the right track but full of **** at the end!

what are you selling? If you are selling you are a disgrace to humanity. Alcoholism is not something you should see as a money making venture you jerk.

Stopping the drinking may be the easy part for a lot of people with this problem. But its the ism in alcoholism that is silent, patient and cunning. It doesnt go easily. Anyone wanting to stop it all or at least make it manageable, really need to seriously connect with a twelve step programme like that at AA.


Amazing story - sounds so similar... congradulations



i think that the recovery from alcohol is so much easier then it is from a pill!! I have been able to in the past give alcohol away for weeks at a time but i always end up thinking the drinking is the only thing i enjoy... The only thing is i have never made the right choices in my life... I always make the wrong ones. girlfriends, what to do today, i'm drunk right now so i dont know if this will make sense.... I used to turn up to work drunk got away with it for 3 years!!! but they caught on...

congrats on being sober for a year! i know its not easy. i'm married to an alcoholic. he's not really an everyday drinker only on the weekends. it's sad to see him slowly killing himself. as for me, i drink wine coolers, maybe once a month. but after this weekend, i think i'm done with even that. i didn't like how it made me feel.

ok great, but when are you an alcoholic? my father was one, but stopped when I was 12 and yes, I have heard that alcoholism is hereditary. I am 39 now, but am I an alcoholic? I do not drink during working hours, but have had a beer at work with a customer during working hours, I do not do hard liquor, I drink only beer and wine and on the odd occation whiskey, I am a drinker, I have 2-3 litres of water during the day, I get fairly drunk at least twice a week and totally p*ssed at least 4-5 a month........so am I an alcoholic?

Yes ur an alcoholic.