Ever Heard the Exspression "Drunk As Cooter Brown"? Well I'm His Great-grandson.

    My alcoholism is not the product of an alcoholic home as a child, or a single tragic event or anything; I just ended up one.  How do I  know I'm an alcoholic? Why years of exstensive research "tieing one on" ofcourse.

    What is the argument supporting my diagnosis of alcoholism? Well, When I take a drink I can't control how much I drink or what happens next. I used to tell myself "I'll just have two or three and cut myself off", and always end up hammered. In the mourning I would swear I'd never touch another drop only to repeat the cycle again. This went on for years.

      The first time I drank I got drunk. I've drank alcoholicly since I was of age 14. Ive got a lot of war stories but thats not what I want to  focus on right now because if your an alcoholic you already know the territory that comes with an alcoholic lifestyle.   

     So when my life became so miserable I could not stand to be in my own skin anymore I started to try to find a solution. I've tried everything from Listening to Anthony Robbins to attending church daily; I still couldn't keep myself sober for more than a couple of days.   

     I just celibrated a year of recovery from being a daily drinker; I mean a mourning drinker. I stopped popping pills, smoking Pot, and even cigarettes. How did I do it? Not alone and niether can you. only an alcoholic can truly understand and help another alcoholic. Ask me how. 
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1 Response Jul 3, 2007

We have a bar in our town called Cooter Brown's!!! You can start your REFORM there!