Hi I'm Ed I'm An Alcoholic

I'm a grateful alcoholic. I grateful because I now know whats wrong with me.I spent over 30yrs in my career of alcoholism, I spent more time drink or thinking of drink than any other thing in my life. I have been sober for almost 4yrs and it took me a sometime to really admit and to understand how unmanageable my life was. It wasn't until I realized that I will be an alcoholic for the rest of my life. That it was up to me if I wanted to die sober or die drunk. I had to change my way of living, that with help from other alcoholic and a believe in a high power. I could life a good life. That all the hurt and pain I caused my family and friends I could stop all the guilt I was running from. I think it's great that there is web site like this, that can let people express there thoughts and look for help. Thanks for letting me share a part of my story.     Thanks ED

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Hi, Ed, I am an Alcoholic!..At my age I can not stop! I am drinking a cask (box) of wine as I speak!<br />
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There is something about alcohol that turns you on!<br />
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Why is there not a PATCH ror Alcoholism like there is foe smoking!<br />
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Congratulations on being sober for 4 years....SATIRE

Thanx for your gratitude Ed. I'm a grateful alcoholic too. I am happy to know that I can't take a drink today and when tomorrow is today I probably won't drink either.

This is hard to kick - many people never do. Congrats on being sober for so long.

They call me an alcoholic and say I have problems. Hell, I get drunk, pass out and go to sleep - no problem.