Some Folks Can Drink, I'm Not Three of Them

Yes, I'm an alcoholic, which is why I stopped drinking.  Sure does make life easier.
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When does it make life easier? I am struggling and I am only on day 12. I want to cry because I want a beer so bad. I randomly still get shaky.

Elephant Man - incredible. Wild At Heart - dreadful. Twin Peaks - perfection. Blue Velvet - truly brilliant, masterfully crafted, and deeply disturbing. "Do it for Van Gogh, baby." The Dennis Hopper character was one of the most chilling film villains ever All this is, IMHO, of course.

Don't forget "Twin Peaks." Or for that matter, "Blue Velvet." So delightfully weird!

Lynch. Awesome. <br />
"Elephant Man"<br />
"Wild at Heart"

Remember the way he used the song, "Crying" in Mulholland Drive? Absolutely haunting. The "singer" was on stage by herself, lip-synching a Spanish rendition. "We have no band!" Whew.

And Eraserhead babies whimpering in the background.

...with Julee Cruise on backup... :)

I think you need to schedule a meeting with David Lynch, he would adore you!

Words to live by - Do Not Feed The Trolls One Encounters In One's Life.

Just a troll. Do not feed.

I know! That blew me away. It's like asking, "What's so bad about jumping off a bridge?"

Drinking doesn't add anything to life that wasn't already there to begin with, and for many people, it SUBTRACTS plenty. Lots of people can enjoy one or two glasses of wine with a nice meal, and for them drinking does enhance the experience. That's great. (Everything in moderation.) But for some of us, the idea of drinking in moderation is a square circle - it can't be. Either you dance with the devil or you don't.

There really is so much more to life, isn't there? :)

When I joined the program, 8 years ago, I simply could not even imagine myself without booze and weed - it was like visualizing a fish riding a bicycle. In virtually no time at all, "the obsession was lifted". Joining the program was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I couldn't tell you the last time I even thought about a drink. Frankly, I'd rather point a gun at my mouth than a glass of booze - for me there's no difference.

MY MAN - POTS & PANS - this site has been waiting for you! Have a great day my brother. :-)

Well put, I couldn't agree more!

I was in a car accident, it was my fault. (No one hurt, thank God.) It was obvious to me that the choice was - stop drinking or die. So I jumped into "the program" with a good attitude (very uncharacteristic), I was ready to play ball. That was almost 8 years ago - certainly one of the best decisions I've ever made. For me it was a fit, and I love sober life. But you are so right, Soonermom, I seen so many people struggle with it, picking up, getting in trouble, coming back in, picking up again - it's sad to see. This is what we call "Being homesick for hell."

Bravo to you, EL! I know it is not all that easy to do, as I have watched family members try and try again to stay sober.

Speaking of the "old testament," the destructive force of alcoholism is almost of biblical proporations. I could tell you stories, and knowing me, I probably will.

Good for you, a very life affirming and sane thing to do in the face of alcoholism. Bravo. I applaud you!

Thanks. That was one of those rare posts where I really was left speechless - no clue at all how to respond.

Very sensitive of you.

Are you kidding?