I fell off the wagon last night. I guess I need a strategy for the weekends that is hard for me to wriggle out of.
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Weekends are hard and might remain a challenge early on in your sobriety.

I am 11 months and at times weekends are my biggest challenge.

Congratulations to you. I fully appreciate how difficult that must have been and be.

Don't beat yourself up. You had a drink. All you can do is try again. Weekends are hard. But for me, so was every day of the week. Have you ever been to an AA meeting?

Thanks. I went to one AA meeting a year ago. But, I don't think I had really admitted to myself that I am nothing if not an alcoholic. I know I should try again.

I think a lot of AA borders on being a religious cult. However, I attend meetings. It keeps me accountable. Nothing ruins your drinking like listening to a bunch of other alcoholics. :-)

That's funny. I only went one time but your description really works.