I'm an alcoholic. I just...felt the need to say that and don't know how to feel now that I've said that. Oh boy.
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I, too, am an alcoholic. It makes things easier knowing I can admit it. I haven't managed any long durations without drinking, but I'm trying. Are you trying to stop too?

I am but when the alcohol is right there...I find it hard to say no. I want to quit and then I don't. I know it is screwing me up and yet I love it. I am so messed up...

Yes, that is the problem in a nutshell. To love it and hate it. But the truth is it is bad for our relationships, our bodies and our minds. I may never fully beat this, but I will fight each battle one at a time. It will at least reduce the drinking. Have you confided in someone close to whom you can reach out to when you need a crutch or distraction?

I got fired for drinking at work! I cannot stop

Missy8080, that's tough. And I'm sure it was disappointing and embarrassing. I wrecked my car on the interstate and was arrested by the state troopers. Oh man was that embarrassing. Luckily no one else was hurt. That was when I first began to toy with the possibility that I am an alcoholic. Are you still interested in stopping? Perhaps you and Lucile199 and I can form a support group. I'm on day 2 of no alcohol - quite a roll.

That sounds wonderful. I'd like that :) and today I am waking up to day four of no alcohol...

That's awesome on two counts: 1) You woke up - Yay! and 2) Day 4 without a drink! I am on Day 3. The difficulty I experience is forgetting how much I don't want it and remembering how much I want it. We need to find a way to keep the "how much I don't want it" in the remembering side of the brain. Have a great day and if you even think you may be forgetting how much you don't want it, just message me.

So sweet. Thank you :) this means tons! And yeah I agree. Every morning I wake up and think "man I could use a drink" and am about to get up and go get one and then I realize "wait...dangit." And either do or don't. It's a struggle but at least I'm feeling physically better now, at first I was really sick and felt like **** because of it

Feeling better is great! Let's just make it through today. Tomorrow we'll deal with tomorrow.

True that. Taking it one step at a time, one day at a time.

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