I Know that I am an alcoholic. I know that. I want to give up but I can't. I'm very tired of keeping this secret. But I'm afraid of stopping. I'm 22 and don't want to miss out. But I don't know what to do.
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Miss out on what? The party life? Take it from someone who has been there, its not worth it in the long run, and even if its a secret now it will come out as you become more dependent, and besides we live in an age where everyone has a damn camera on their phone, and if your not carful some **** will upload a vid of you out of your mind drunk, so if you do drink do it around trust worthy friends.

Nauristar10, you are not alone. It helps a lot to share your secret. That is the only way to start. I don't know how long I have been an alcoholic, but probably a lot longer than I care to admit. Just confessing it regularly (once isn't enough - need to keep it front and center) helps me reduce my drinking occurrences. For now, today, maybe identify a friend to whom you can safely discuss this. That someone could turn into the person you go to when you teeter on the edge of a drink you know you shouldn't want, but do. Myself and many others on this site would be happy to be that person for you if you don't have someone else. I speak from experience, I have quite drinking a hundred times. I am now only on my second day without a drink. Good luck and let me/us know how we can help you or just be a sounding board for you.

Okay thanks so much I wish you well on you're new life choice