9 weeks and 2 days. Had a major breakdown today emotionally. But, I'm still sober and who really gives a ****. No body gives you an award... In fact most people want to run away. Those friends you've gone above and beyond to help... Gone.. Don't matter what you've done for them.
I've never been sober this long. Just like my last alcoholic post and now I am going through waives of crazy emotions.
It's amazing when you are in a middle of a breakdown and how hard it is to get a hold of someone who may make a difference. Luckily I did get a friend on the phone who has being going through the exact same things I have been going through and is at the exact same stage that I am at. He calmed me down and made sense of the situation.
I've done things to keep me busy and does make me happy. Kayaking, gardening, riding my horse... And wow you would think what would I even have a breakdown about?! But it's the addiction and I will be going through this for a long time.
I'm tired of crying... I'm tired of being exhausted... I'm tired of coming up with chaotic ideas of trying to ruin my life.
I was told to stop dwelling on the past and stop dwelling about the future. All it does is either make me depressed or give me anxiety. Take things one day at a time... You know how hard that is for someone who is ADHD?
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My therapist told me I am the most severe cases of ADHD,he has ever worked with... It's tough!

Routine routine routine biggest thing. No sugar.. 30 min exercise a day.. 40% complex cards 60% protein. Some medium strain Kratom (natural leaf from Thailand) a lot better than medication.

Also you tube eft tapping. When you goto your AA meditation meetings do that to concentrate on the lesson.. Who cares who's watching you. And it's a break through. :-)

Many people find that immersing oneself in situations that help other alcoholics helps to make the days more bearable. It can also bring purpose. Some counsel attending as many meetings as time will allow. Others advise that it's best to get a sponsor and follow direction. Whatever works is whatever works. Every moment you choose not to use is setting a new record for you now. Keep coming back, more will be revealed.

Hey ive never had an addiction... But many members in my family have had addictions.

9 weeks is really impressive.

Try not taking things one day at a time. Try taking it an hour at a time or a half hour at a time.

Good luck! Im proud of you. Because my family members NEVER kicked their addiction and have died from them and ruined their lives.

Thank you Acebo. That really meant a lot.