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Alcoholic, 19yrs Old

sad i know...i can't even legally buy alcohol yet, but i always find a way, and have enough friends over 21 where buying a half gallon is never a problem.



its just depressing that im so young and have been drinking daily for almost a year. i feel like i cant live without it.....

rjsloan rjsloan 18-21 3 Responses Jun 13, 2009

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At your age, you probably have nothing better to do, beside working to get money. So, Since your drinking is based on being bored, take the money and become a professional gambler, like one dollar at a time. I too drank several times a week, being bored, but once I started online poker, at 25 cents, 50 cents, I realized I had to be sorbor to beat dum pla<x>yers. Now I go to the casino for $25 games and win. My drinking is social and not overpowering. I also go to meetings and help others with their problem, cause I beat the system of drinking.

get to a AA meeting. it's totally free. they pass a basket at the end to put in a dollar, but if you pass, it's no big deal. you have a great opportunity here. you know you have a problem and you can save your life a whole lot of bullshit and pain. i'm a recovering alcoholic myself. i'll have two years sober in july and these have been two of the best years i've had in a long time. i'm gonna add you to my circle. i guess that will make me a fan in your profile. i'm not exactly sure how that works. if you ever need to talk or just unload some bullshit, i'm here to listen.

Please get help. You have your whole life ahead of you. <br />
Open the phone book and look for resources. Crisis services might be a good place to start. many services are free. <br />
Best of luck to you. Take care of yourself.