Kind of Told My Story As a Comment

I kind of told my story as a comment but it is only fair to everyone for me to tell it more. I am an alcoholic. Alot of people don't believe it because I still allow myself to drink but it is true.

It started I suppose at about the age of 2 or 3 my mom was in a bowling league and wasn't very observant or caring. From the stories of family friends that saw a couple of her games i use to run around and finish everyone's beers. I am pretty sure that is where my later problems came from.

Around 12 or 13 I started drinking. Mickeys at the time and soon advanced into Liquor. I got alcohol poisoning the first time off of souther comfort when I was a freshmen in High School. We were all doing shots but where as my friends were doing singles I decided to do triples. I drank two thirds of a fifth in approximatley an hour. I woke up about 12 hours later with a trash can of red colored vomit next to me. No signs of my friends of course then went to sleep again for like another 12 hours.

My next major expeirence was with Tequilla and as ridiculous as it sounds I still swear I saw through walls that day (yes I know its immpossible but that is what my mind remebers) and avoid Tequilla if at all possible.

By the time I was a senior in High School I was drinking about a fifth a day plus whatever beer there was at the parties I frequented. Detoxing right before going into Marine Corps boot camp. Ask my sisters freezer how that went.

After getting into the fleet and associating with other Marines I started going to the bars in Okinawa. After finding bars that serve them big and strong (beer glass of mixed liquor no less then 50/50 for regulars) I began drinking aout 300 dollars a night of 151 at 3 bucks a drink. Needless to say I don't remeber much and what I do know others have told me.

My lowest moment was probaly the night my friend came and found me at a bar in the bathroom puking. Inbetween vomit sessions I was still slamming my drinks. I don't know how he found me as I am sure I made no sense when he called me. At least he looked out for me by checking every bar on the *****.

My life changed when I met my wife. I wanted to do things for her I never wanted to do before. I detoxed myself and did not allow myself to drink again till I felt I no longer had to ask for permission. That was four years ago. I no longer allow liquor in my house because I know if it is there I will dirnk it.

Since then I have slipped once back to drinking reguarly instead of at parties. It was a two week binge that the first day started with a pint of Captian the last day was a gallon of Captain. The day after the binge ended I had my gall bladder removed due to gall stones. The doctors told me it wasn't due to the binge but really how can you argue the thing attached to my liver needing to come out the day after a two week binge.

Now I survive off of will power. Like I said I still drink on the weekends with my friends and family. Usualy to much, but my wife and two children are the foundation that keeps me from drinking everyday.

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I'm not one to tell someone else to quit drinking. I never judge and if you can keep managing it the way you have been doing, then more power to you. My story is a lot like yours I suppose. I tried to manage my alcoholism for 16 years by making very effort to socially drink. Most often, I was successful, however, a couple of times each year when my guard was down because things had been so good for so long, the demon in me would return with a vengeance. I once I got started down that path , there was no stopping it. It's so fun on the way up...slamming drinks, doing shots, laughing, joking, thinking you are the life of the party, but all the while being a total idiot. That is how my blackouts went. Then regret and guilt followed the next day. It might last days or weeks, depending on who witnessed my antics. <br />
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I am 12 days sober now and I am confident I will not drink tomorrow. I love sobriety and the freedom it brings me. Thankfully, I quit drinking before I hit rock bottom. I figured, why wait? <br />
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Best of luck to you.

Your an alcoholic my freind and if you dont take active steps to stop its progression, you could end up looseing everything you have and also set your children up for a similar life of thier own cuz your disease is multigenerational. THey are vdestined to have the effects of being Adult Children of an Alcoholic as it is already. Seek out an AA group!

Hello! I am trying to comment on the stories in the <br />
un – answer stories section and after reading your story I don’t know what to say – except that I am glad that your wife and two children keep you from drinking everyday.