Just Love to Drink

I can't get myself to stop drinking.  Actually, I haven't had a drink in 48 hours, which is a record for me lately.  It seems I get home from work and feel so stressed and all I can think about is having a drink.  Then it's a second, then a third, and before you know it, I'm hammered.  Just talking about it is making me want a drink, so I'm going to stop now.
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4 Responses Nov 13, 2007

I haven't looked at this board in years. Ironic that someone posted a comment just now, 3-1/2 years late. I forgot how much of an alcoholic I used to be.<br />
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Thanks God for AA. <br />
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I'm sober for 2 weeks now and going strong...

When you hit a RockBottom and uv been gutted by what appears so nice now, then seek out AA. Your gona need it!

I knew I was an alcoholic for years. I quit for 2 1/2 years but came back to it all the while knowing that I was an alcoholic. I just made excuses for my behavior and kept putting off finally quitting. Things got very ugly before they got better but I have been without a drink for 9 months now. You can find happiness and escape the downward spiral. It's up to you though. You have to seek it out or it will find you the hard way.

Been there. Will be here if you need support. My best advice, go to AA meetings, share & get a support system going. You know you are a 48 hour miracle :-)