Cooper Inspired

My first listen to Alice was before the age of 5 and even at that early age I was hooked!

I read the horror comics published by Warren and Eerie Publications, so the horror element of Cooper shows didn't frighten me, rather it just further entrenched my love for the Coop.

When I heard the concept of Along Came a Spider I wasn't too sure since the whole album was about a serial killer who targeted women to make a giant human spider, but I love the album and the dark feel of it.  Did Steven and his alter ego kill the women?  Did the murders actually happen since Steven has been in an asylum for almost 3 decades?  I like that the question does not have an is up to us to decide for ourselves.

I also love NWAC (Nights With Alice Cooper) the radio show as he truly plays some "kick-***" music that you don't hear played otherwise!

I agree that Alice has never been given the credit he truly deserves.  He is a brilliant lyric writer, and is the reason we even have KISS, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, HIM, and many others.  All of those groups cite that Alice Cooper was their inspiration.  Gene Simmons said that when he saw Cooper his thought was, If one Alice is that good imagine if there were four....and KISS was conceived.

KATINALEE34 I hope you are ok with the logo I uploaded to the group.  I thought it was one that showed The Showman and the maniac who always gets it in the end.


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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

remember Alice concert was one of the best I ever saw!<br />
<br />
the band was so rich with talent.<br />
<br />
one of the greatest drummers I had ever seen, have no idea who he was.

I love NWAC so much...Alice plays rare stuff that normal radio just cannot or won't play. He also plays songs that take you back to a certain moment...You know where you hear it and have to say "OMG I haven't heard that song since......" or "OMG I forgot all about this song!"<br />
<br />
AC/DC to Deep Purple to Rainbow to Zepplin, Cooper plays some seriously wicked music...and at least when I have listened never a bad song in the mix!

A friend of mine was a big fan. When we met he was playing From The Inside pretty much non stop. I couldn't help but become a fan and it is still one of my favorite albums.