The Galactic Federation

There really is a galactic federation in this galaxy.  The federation members make up representatives from over 10,000 planets.  The federation is divided into sections of the universe.  Similiar to the division of the continents on the planet earth.  The planet earth does not meet the requirements for membership.  Earth is very young and primitive.  Earth has not developed interplanetary travel and does not have shared consciousness.  The federation does not think that humans will survive much longer.  High council actually are placing bets on when and how humans will become extinct.  The fact that humans do not share consciousness makes for a very interesting study.  The federation continues to study earth, as it is unique.  The fact that humans survive without shared consciousness is cause for study.  Several times the federation has interupted nuclear holocaust but humans are not aware, only the military that have been keeping this secret.  The federation has deemed the importance of earth study and several members have been assigned to study planet earth. 
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Well...tell them...morituri te salutant....or "with him or on him" it's just our way of life....