Am I An Alien & Where Am I From?


I think I am an alien… at this stage I am not sure which kind and/or species or even from where (maybe someone can give advice). This is a brief overview of my story.

For a very long time I thought that I felt something when I get close to people. Sometimes I could pick-up their feelings and/or mood, other times I could vaguely hear what they are thinking, (not clear) just little flashes if I could describe it as that. At first I thought I was hearing little voices in my head but at least they did not tell me to do anything, and it only occurs when I am close to other people. A Large crowd of people are an absolute nightmare for me. The input from all around me gets too much and I end up struggling to concentrate on what I am doing. My wife realized this long ago and actually tries to keep my attention with certain specific questions and comments. This does help but not for long.

When we have been to a shopping mall or show where there were lots of people, afterwards my mind feels fried and then I need to rest in silence to recover. I also find different people less and more tiring. Again, when we take a walk in the bush and/or on the beach I can feel something I can only think of as the energy being emitted from the plants, trees & earth. This sensation does not stay the same; as I walk it will constantly change.
Other times when having conversations with other people (humans- I think), I suddenly find myself being so extremely bored I could scream. I will struggle through such a conversation and be very relieved when it is over. It also sometimes feels as if people around me are inferior and I could not even be bothered to have a conversation with them. If I have to talk to them I will think of something else to keep my mind occupied.

I find it a lot that only with some people when I talk to them they get excessively nervous and flustered. They will say wrong things and even pronounce their words wrong. My wife jokes sometimes and says that my aura is too strong for the other people… But, I also experience this sometimes myself. I must admit, very few people I have ever dealt with has had this effect on me but nonetheless, I have felt flustered and strange in certain people’s company, I feel stupid and relieved when I can get away from them, almost as if it is something unconsciously urging me to get away.

Sometimes (not always) I know someone is close before they even appear or knock. A lot of times people say to me to get out of their heads as I sometimes know what is going to be said. Not that I heard it, it’s as if I just know. I am not the world’s most patient person but still amaze myself of the patience I am capable of. In my 36years of life on this earth I had about 4 massive anger outbursts (lots of little ones) my problem with this again is that when I get to such a point where my anger takes over and I flip out as they say then I experience the strangest sensation. Apart from the normal quick breathing and high blood pressure that comes with being furious I also see strange images in my mind & feel as if the energy in my mussels and veins want to burst out and control me. When I get so furious my senses get so fine I get Goosebumps on my skin. Now I am starting so sound weird to myself…

I see space as if I am traveling trough it at high speed. I have this unsatisfying urge to protect my family, even if they are not even involved in this. It feels as if time slows down and I see things in slow-motion. Once I almost imagined seeing the other person as energy and I could imaging seeing their blood racing trough their veins.
Always when I look at space I have this emptiness I cannot explain and it is not difficult at all for me to imagine traveling through space which gives me a familiar feeling like seeing a distant relative again. You know this person although you haven’t seen them for years and soon you are sitting and chatting about the olden days. This is how I feel about space and also water. Being under water truly calms me down. I sometimes go under water and just sit for as long as I can hold my breath. The silence is so satisfying, almost like eating comfort food…

So! If someone out there reads my story and could give me some guidance regarding where I could be from and what species of alien I am, I would love to hear from you.

hagaar hagaar
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You have ADHD

I am an alien all my life i can made a very powerful energy go through my body to my mind anytime i want and clearly hear peoples thoughts and i can perform what humans call telekinesis

Hi Hagaar,<br />
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What are great post! <br />
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I was smiling to myself as I was reading it. You sound like you are sensitive and empath. I can sympathise with you going to place where there are lots of people and your brain feel fried after when you leave. I've learnt to almost switch off so that I don't pick up on any feelings and thoughts. If I do, it is minimal. If you can try your hardest to concentrate on your wifes questions, I think this may help:)<br />
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That's awesome you can feel the energy from nature, it is a great feeling! I find it hard to explain for myself as to what it is I feel. You could maybe say it is the love and connection. I feel this strongly with Gaia - it's a bit like 'tapping' into her (in very much the same way as Humans and feeling what they can feel).<br />
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It sounds like you wife is on the ball lol. I think, because you are so sensitive to other people you are picking up their energy. For example, if you are with a person, a stranger or a friends friend, you will have an instint as to whether this person is good or not, or if they are hiding something and you can't quite put your finger on it. Go with your gut instinct, you may find that it was worth listening to ;)<br />
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From what I have read (I don't read much about different types of aliens), water is usually associated with the Pleiades. Thi could be the best place to start and see if there is anything there which resontes with you. Remember to always listen to your intuition :)<br />
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I would suggest meditating. I personally found that this has opened a massive door for myself and what I had seen actually came out in the news a couple of months later! :)<br />
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I hope you find the answers you are looking for.<br />
Love and light x

Dudes I know what you mean.I'll just touch something,even inanimate things,and recieve input.If I touch like a hungry cat,my stomach growls and i cringe in pain or shock as if I made a report with it.My grandma was ill and almost fainted,and i reached out and got a cold chill as i seemingly filled her with energy,not too much,but enough to get her walking.From what I hear there is alot of accountability for psychics and ESP.


Thanx for your comment. It warms my heart to know that I am not alone in this experience. I also am concerned about all of us out there not knowing that they are OK and that they need help and guidance. I can relate to your experience.

You're so dead on about it all- like it was said above, it was like you wrote portions of my autobiography. Though I am not quite so sensitive to thought as you (only occasionally do I receive so much as to telepathically interpret whole words), moods shout at me and can either be overwhelming songs of a person's inner victory and accepting nature, or terrible fugues of their worry and struggle that shout at me constantly from across whole buildings. I have felt the same natural auras about which you spoke, and seen quite a few as well. I used to assume that everybody could see the moving rainbow spectra emitting from trees that I did through my whole childhood, but people dismissed it so often that eventually, I started to a bit. <br />
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I don't think you need to worry about what type you are- you're either from a highly sensitive planet (most likely fourth-dimensional, as it is the phase of energetic density at which a state of love, unity with life, and telepathic communication and emotional empathy are the strongest hallmarks), or are just dealing with the struggle of containing your traveling dimensional energy within this (relatively) new bulky and energetically polluted human form. Honestly, though, from your desc<x>ription, I think my first guess is correct and you are fourth-dimensional/fourth-density. This means that in your home world, your people either emit or are essentially made of light, and all communicate telepathically from an ecstatic emotional state of mind and heart. There is likely a hum of joyfully heartbreaking natural musical tone passing between all of the people you left to come here at all times. You may remember the feeling of this. Shapes in your world would likely be slightly amorphous, as you would be living in the first dimensional realm in which things are interpreted solely on their energetic value as measured by love and empathy.<br />
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In fact, the more I recall of these worlds and compare it to you, the more I am assured of it.<br />
Fact is, fourth-dimensional entities are by far the most likely to visit Earth during this period of time, and most of the Visitors who have arrived within the last century are fourth-dimensionals who- since they are SO empathic, as you- have felt the immense pain and interpersonal dissociation of Earth and wished to come here in missions of fostering a deeper understanding of love simply by their powerful and very caring essences. Your simply BEING here is such a show of care that it helps advance other people without their needing to attribute it to anything other than you being a "good person," which is great because discretion is important in this phase.<br />
Earth is now going into the transitional phase during which its energies will be cooked until they become like those of the worlds from which I presume you came. Again, most aliens living here today are from worlds just like yours, and very possibly yours! In fact, since time and space travel are so connected, you could even have projected yourself backwards from fourth-dimensional Earth after it completes the transition. That would most explain your impatience with those with nothing to say, since it'd be like an older sibling visiting the younger one in school and seeing them doing no work. They start to talk about the opposite sex and you go "I'VE BEEN EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AND I JUST CAME FROM MY LIFE THAT EVENTUALLY YOU'LL END UP IN SO DON'T YOU SEE HOW FUTILE A LOT OF THIS IS?"<br />
But don't get too frustrated- patience is an important lesson and your people are notoriously idealistic and gung-ho since you do everything out of pure, undiluted love. <br />
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Please let me know if this feels familiar to you, as I'd like to know if I have misdiagnosed somebody.

Hi there;

You are correct. This does feel very familiar to me. I have been practicing meditation in an attempt to try and get control over my mind. This has helped me allot but it has also made my focus so much stronger and I now feel the surrounding energy very clearly. I cope better in crowds but only for short periods of time then I fail to control it. It seems like a work in progress. Thank you for your reply. I felt at peace reading your words.

about the "music" can you tell me more? if you have more, i hear this and i understand what it is, but ive only ever heard one other speak of it, its actually how we met, i was going to leave because of loneliness, and the tone brought us together, and when i need to remember why im here i listen to it, and i found out that you can actually follow it, i'd love to hear anything in relation.

The music is part of your increased vibrational sensitivity. You manage to understand feelings and senses in more ways than most would, and so anything from thoughts to intuitive senses to the energy you're receiving from other people can come across as lights, images, or often music. I find the auditory stuff to be most present in very freely shared telepathy, when even words are unnecessary and a pure emotional/informational transfer is going on at a gut level, as represented by feeling, light, and sound. It may be different for you, I don't know, but this is how it seems to work generally.

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have alwat felt like i was from Mars and did not belong here<br />
even tryied past life regression and theonly thing they could find was me trying to get out of a meatl type door with fire every place

When I read this it seemed like I was reading my own life... I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this way. I have done some research and come to find out I have incarnated on other planets and the one I feel most "at home" with is the pleyades...<br />
<br />
picture here...<br /><br />
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I get humble and an extreme calm feeling when i look at their stars and planets. If you would like to know more, feel free to PM me...<br />
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I too enjoy water.. a lot!

I have been accused of being an alien and I usually point out that I was born here, although I do have many memories of existances in cultures that could not have been on Earth. What species? I don't think souls have species yet are influenced by all of their past experiences. Have you ever heard of the Nommo. Google it and read "Half asleep in frog pajamas" by Tom Robbins. With this water thing you have going on this might strike a chord with you.