Will They Ever Learn?

It is amazing, humans are such an interesting race, but worry me so. They are so irresponsible. I don't see how they will ever advance and join us in the universe.
ajadl ajadl
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4 Responses Nov 14, 2010

Never let humans join you in the universe only take ones you can tell have meaning in what the universe and life is and what ruin what they can enjoy and accept things for what they are

I doubt they could reach other planets without cleaning up their act enough to be reasonable beings, anyway. Unless they made some really sick techno-evil pacts, which wouldn't surprise me at all ba<x>sed on the surrounding evidence.

Can you imagine my shame at being a human being?If I was asked the best way to judge humans I would say,"Go into the countryside or woods and watch what the animals do when a human approaches.The way they will react(putting as much distance between them and the humans as possible)will tell you all you need to know.Do not allow humans,or aid them,in reaching other planets,FOR HEAVENS SAKE.