I've Always Felt Like An Outsider.

When I was eight, I denounced my family's religion, and began a search for religion that made sense. Since, I've discovered that who I am only makes sense in another world. This ties in with being an indigo child.
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Interesting, what's an indigo child?

I too shared the same sentiment toward my family's religious foundations and at around the same time in my life. However, I haven't turned my back on the belief that we all owe our existence to common creator. In reference to "Indigo child", you and I may also share the same uniqueness of abilities. In recent, I have sensed a calling. After some family and other historical research, I have become enlightened to a different side of the world. I have dreamed of and felt the coming of a time of great despair and suffering. I think that many will cease to exist. Much of this is prophesized and foretold by many of the ancient books such as the bible. However, I think that those who are unique, or perhaps possessing inhuman abilities and origins, will fare the storm. I know this all sounds weird, but regardless, it is sincere and I swear I'm not nuts.

lol yes, lots of us "feel" alien; but how many of us actually are?<br />
it's like therians, they aren't actual werewolves/shapeshifters (to other types of animals); but they feel like they are other animals. <br />
:P :)

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.<br />
- C.S. Lewis<br />
<br />
Are you actually from another world? What kind of memories do you have? Private message me if you like..

Maybe you're just smarter than you give yourself credit for...