Rah'leigh, Raleigh, Rhalhea

I don't know the proper spelling, but its pronounced  Raa laay, my lover is from a dimension where this is a place, there are 7 kingdoms, each ruled by different bipedal beings, every being had a twin-flame who were quadruped, she speaks of dimensional keys and the opening of gateways linking dimensions, she said that she is here because someone left her dimension to come here thus disrupting the balance and kinda melted us together, her and a group of her friends all dream of this place, and write down their own accounts, i was wondering if any of you knew anything about this, because she is looking for community, and keys of some sort, oh and this is unrelated but isn't Lovecrafts monster Cthulhu suppose to be from a place called Raleigh.
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you might have some insight. but you aint got powers tho.

Yeah, I actually got alot of good information from some of your post, that I in turn relayed to her, she told me that the color that represented her people was dark green, and the color that represented mine was light blue, apparently in that dimension us blue people were the problem starters, this holds some value to me because I do remember a life where I was a very tall blue being and our last two fingers were fused together and made of some sort of bone like armor that extended out about a foot or two and ran down to our elbows which ended in a point, I remember that we thought of fighting as an art form and it was like dancing to us, it was also employed in mating rituals similar to how most horned animals in this realm do, we had a very balanced light dark view, sort of dragon like, I also remember that most of the beings in this place did not like us because they thought we were barbarians, It was a light dominated space, and we felt as tho we kept a sort of balance, we saw beauty in destruction, I believe we were removed from this place and put into a darker one, most of us took up roles as guardians since our new home was dominated by darkness, I'm trying to figure out how all of these different spaces tie together, there so intertwined its confusing, My lover said that her companion was a mirror image of a tiger, and if it felt pain she also felt pain of the same intensity, its name was Asia and it was female. She also told me recently that she went to the realm of the blues in order to get a better understanding of them, which was looked down upon, she claims that they thought all things horrible were hilarious, and they reminded her of Orc's, she said she befriended one which she believes to be me, and they would meet up often to spar, I have no recollection of this, I also have no memories of thinking filth was hilarious, but it wouldn't surprise me.