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My Arrival

I remember, about twenty years ago, being in complete darkness, unthinking, unkowing. Why I was in this darkness I do not know, but I remember seeing a tiny dot, so tiny I barely noticed it. The dot got bigger and bigger, and, though I first noticed it being a whiteish light, as I this light got closer I noticed a lot of differnt colors and patterns were in this light, I was amazed and yet some how not at the same time. This has been a consitent issue throughout my life, caring, but not really caring at all. Anyway, the light was the light of the Earth. I didn't know that at this point, or at least I don't think I did. I didn't so much think about what was going on in words as I was just observing what was happening. I was moving very quickly toward the Earth and sort of began  to slow down, or at least that is how it appeared. And then I began moving very quickly toward it once again. Once I had gotten over the clouds I slowed down again. My movement didn't seem self controlled, it was as though I was a guided missile, if you will, just going along for the ride. I remember thinking that the clouds were land, and felt rather foolish when I had seen the ground below in a break in the clouds realizing my mistake. And it was nearly at that exact moment that I shot towards the ground at a very high volicity, so fast I don't fully remember the decent, but once again I was in darkness, conscious, thinking, but confused. Within seconds I could see thousands of tiny lights flying all around me in this darkness, I began feeling sensations I, at this point, had never knowingly felt before, and I could hear this sound. I couldn't quite make it out, and, at first I didn't pay much attention to it as I had never, knowingly, heard anything before. It intrigued me greatly, but my attention was once again diverted to this image of a golden orange color that I began to see through the darkness, like it was part of it, and past all the thousands of tiny lights. The sounds grew louder and more clear, it was laughter, and this feeling of such joy as I had never felt before that moment, nor since, came over me. And all while this was happening I was growing more and more confused. I could feel something below me moving, and soon realised I was on something that was moving, and I could feel something below it that was moving in the opposing direction. Still, I grew even more confused. The golden orange color soon took over the darkness, and the lights were soon gone with it. I began to move, still growing more confused with all these new sensations. I realized that the laughter was coming from within some part of me. That, of course, confused me more. I started thinking of words, and the meaning of these words didn't make much sense to me at first, but almost as soon as I thought a word and was confused by it did I come to understand what it meant. There was so much going on at that time, so many questions boiling in my mind begging for answers, and I looked up and could see a face, and could see that I was being dragged on a sheet, and I couldn't stop laughing, but I was confused and completely terrified at this time. I rolled backward off the sheet looking at the image of the creature holding it, and to the left of this creature (my right) was another one. I began to freak out and the questions just grew and grew and finally I got an answer. It came from all around me and within me, a voice. I have only heard this voice three times in my entire life, and never have I heard another anything like it. Not in person, and not on television. It was a soft nurturing voice, like that of a comforting mother, but also a strict bold voice like that of a disciplining father, and it sounded like both in tone, but also neither. It told me as I looked upon the first creature, "That is your father", and as I looked at the other, "That is your mother". "Where am I", I asked. "You're home, you're safe", the voice answered. Oddly enough, that was enough for me. I had traveled from a far away place, one I couldn't remember, came to a place that I had no Idea why, and through all of the confusion of aquiring a body, I was ok with those answers? I still to this day do not know why I did not futher question my situation at that time, but I went on the rest of that day like nothing had happened.

It would be two more days of waking in the morning wondering what had happened, still not understanding. And by the third I began to draw the images I had seen in fear that I would somehow lose them. The creature that had been identified as my mother, and who I had quickly taken to calling mom, came over for what ever reason, I wasn't paying much attention to her, and she noticed that I was drawing pictures. She drew in closer to see what it was I was drawing and she screamed for the creature that had been identified as my father, who it actually took more time for me to call dad, as I still wasn't sure, and since he didn't call much for my attention I didn't see why I had to anyway. "Hon, come here", she yelled. He came quickly with a somewhat frantic look on his face, likely due to the sound of her own voice. "Look what he is drawing", she said, "How can he be drawing this?". Now there are any number of reasons to explain why I could be drawing such images, but the detail of the town I had seen just before the event I had endured, crashing into this body, would have been a difficult task for a child of two and a half years. However, I thought I had done something wrong, so I stopped before I could finish them, and I never talked to either of my parents about the event, or anyone at that. At least, not until I was fourteen when I could no longer stand to be silent about it. Since my mother was the first to have witnessed the pictures I first approached her about them and asked her if she could remember that day. It took her a few seconds, but she managed to pull forth the memory, and she called my father over once again asking if he had himself remembered the event. It took him a bit longer than it did her, but he finally pulled up his own rendition of the event, and quickly their faces joined together in a confused questioning expression and they looked to me. I told them I had asked because I thought that maybe it was all just a dream, as I was walking around in a somewhat dazed, or, rather, bedazzled state. Or maybe I was insane, I really didn't know. After I had seen the confused look disappate from their faces somewhat, but not yet fully satisifed, and I began with what I feel was the first step I had ever taken to admitting the events that had partaken on that day. I had priorly asked others if they remember coming from a dark place, but none ever really did. Anyway, I began by telling my mother that I didn't think I was her son. She looked super confused at this point following that look with a kind of where is this going look. I continued by further explaining that I thought that I had stolen the body of her son three days prior to the day I drew those pictures. I told her about the void I was in, the tiny dot, flying toward the Earth, over the clouds, and eventually quickly descending down into what I have come to call my body, but have never fully accepted as my own.

Any who. There is a lot more to my story, but I am more interested in looking for others. I've spent much of the last couple of years looking, but never finding anyone. I know, not think, I have come from somewhere else, not because I have a hunch, or a feeling, but because I remember it... well sort of, but I have a lot of confirmation that also proves it. I can at least say I'm not from this Earth prior to the events I have just written about, and I AM looking for answers. I know there must be others as I have read about them in as the exist in history, and though the people of their time could not understand, the people living today can much better understand.

Look upon me and you will never see me. Speak with me and you will never hear me. Hold my hand and you will never feel me. Bring your nose near me and you will never smell me. Press your lips upon my own and you will never taste me. Though I stand here before you, I am invisible to all the world. For when you do observe what I am you will see I am like any other man, but if you could see that which lies inside, behind the lies of the fold behind which you are blind, you would see that this man is, indeed, not a man at all.
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Your post reminds me of a reoccuring dream i had as a child, i would be what i thought to be falling from the sky and like you say i would pass through clouds, and all of this was happening at a fast speed but i would wake from this dream right as it seemed i would hit the Ground. <br />
<br />
I am still in search of myself, i keep getting abducted by certain individuals and having tracking/monitoring/hindering implants placed in me. I dont know why. Ive wondered if it could be family or maybe i am just of use in experimentation.

Unfortunately, I cannot attribute this experience to a dream as when I had arrived into this body it was conscious, awake, and engaged in strenuous physical activity. My confusion in this new state of existence lasted for days until my mind had completely merged with the mind of this body. The memories of events prior to my having taken ownership of this body became like my own, but not enough alike that I could mistake them for my own. I compare this to like watching a movie, but only if you were the camera in the movie, not just seeing the experience, but living it. Only, as the camera is intended to appear, you aren't really there. I can "re-experience" the events prior to... I don't really even know what to call the event, as though I were there, but it is very different from reliving those experiences as you might be used to having been you, yourself, in your own body for all of your own memory. The "sensation" is quite different in remembering the events which occurred prior to my arrival within it, my "possession" of it I suppose, but they different enough from those memories formed afterwards.

Reading your post makes me a little sad for you. In my search to discover myself, my people, my reason for being and for being here on this world, I have come across many who have claimed to have experienced, or to be continuously experiencing what you are. I have no answers for you, I am afraid. The intentions of your abductors is unknown to me as is much of their existence outside of the tales I hear of encounters with these individuals. If I do have any such knowledge, it is hidden from me much as all other information prior to moments just before I spotted out this planet. I apologize and sympathize with you, for you. My suggestion would be to investigate as fully as you can all you can about what is inside of you, your implants, as well as seeking out a hypnotist capable of memory regression therapy. You must find individuals as invested in discovering the truth about your experiences as you are. It will be a difficult journey, but undoubtedly you will find peace in this way, or at least something of the answers you seek. You must approach this as you feel you must, or not at all if that is how you feel. This is your life, no one else should be able to influence your decisions in how you experience it beyond your own will and desire of that will. Good luck!

How all this sounds familiar. I must admit I stand under the same shadows. Same purpose, constant reincarnation, left with the feeling of emptiness and uncontentious thoughts of missing something. I know my previous activations were more luxurious, my major life besides my present was in the Egyptian era, and apparently the one life on this planet that has majorly affected me until today. I vividly remember the assistance of structure, the creation of balance and the worship of those we simply gathered. My dreams are always vivid in great detail, I lunar walk and I tend to visit many planes. I have been kept in communication from the above, subconsciously and physically. My only calmness which brought me at ease was when I met with the one like myself. I envision the day we can be free, the day the golden skies rise and the day the truth can be awakened. It comes at great comfort to meet others like myself.

I must admit that you have touched a region of my emotional self I do not like to go to. It is because I desire so much to meet just one other, in person... What that would feel like. To be amongst one of my own is something I desire most on this world. The only thing I desire more is to go home. But I cannot. There is something here I must be doing first. Then maybe I can.

I'm afraid the requirements of such, in order to identify my own race, require that those in which I suspect to be another as I am, in it's most precise definition, are required to reveal themselves with little to no prompting. While you may be who you say you are, I do not yet have reason to believe you are as I am, and will not go against said guidelines, as it would tarnish the potential bonding with doubt. All that I have revealed is of little consequence, though some of it reflects closely a few of the minor requirements, but was revealed only to stand as the "little prompting" I was speaking of. I had met another, once, who very nearly met the requirements for identification, and is, as I am concerned, the most like I am on this world that I have met. Though, we lost contact long ago, and neither of us had verbally confirmed the interactions, but didn't have to. Their body language was enough to confirm that another was present, though such is merely speculation. I feel as though the individual sensed I was something I was not, as in they could not understand. However, that is the difference between myself and the individual of which I am speaking. I feel as though they may have only met another as I am, though, I fear they may have been afraid. For what reason? I do not know, and hope it is not due to negative interaction. I'd much prefer that it was misinterpreted interaction. Which is the primary reason it is required that we not reveal ourselves. And though one may believe that my presence here on this website may be considered "revealing" myself to the world, and it could be, but it is not the case, as I am only present virtually, and so revealing myself here is equally as virtual. Anyone can say anything on the internet, and it is not necessarily factual. However, if one can identify themselves to be as I am, then a meeting can take place, and the bonding can begin.

I've often kept a lot to myself for very similar reasons... though there are other reasons as well.
Though I often wonder if the reason I've yet to come across anyone is because they are doing the same thing and keeping quiet.

Although you did mention something in your story that did seem sort of familiar to me, I'm not trying to claim we are from the same place or anything, in fact I doubt we are, but it was interesting to read nonetheless.

If we aren't, then how many of us from how many places must be coming to this little world? Why? What could be here that is so important? Humanity is bold and arrogant, and therefore would believe itself to be of such great importance, but is it? Why would it be?

its funny ive always known i was a werewolf, just kidding, human idiocies though... thats the truth, i know i am of something.. i know i am awake, you know? looking at othars is just proof i find it hilarious..tho thats besides the **** imm taking, i was trying to readup a little bit further on finding myself spiritualy and feeeling more, i once woke up outside at 4am as a 3 year old and remember staring at the clouds i don't know how it happened but it was all casual then my grandmother came to the deadbolted door and unlocked it and let me in... ive always felt a spiritual force/presence never questioned that it exists, though due to my familys religious beliefs thought they were ghosts or something of that nature... im just spitballin here but this is all interesting stuff, i took a picture of myself when i was alone in my car late at night smoking pot like a week ago, what do ya know my left eye was solid black while my right was a normal human i ball, something inside of me has told to keep stuff confidential as you all have said before, my actualy bone structure on the black eye is changed as well, and here we are.

:( reading this post makes me just sad, sad for all humans. I believe I am a hybrid soul in a human body, and my past lives have been much more luxurious than this one. I believe also that my mission is to tell people of the aliens' presence on earth and how they want us to change as a WHOLE.. just to make them more aware of my family.. Whenever I look into the sky I see a gold UFO I have associated as being my family, they are usually there when I wake up abruptly in the middle of the night..<br />
<br />
I also believe they contact me through my subconscious and my dreams. Since I discovered that the Zeta Reticuli are my family, I have been unable to recall many of my usually vivid dreams. The dreams I do remember are twisted and sometimes do involves ETs and UFOs, and it scares me. I have seen my true self in a mirror on a ship in a dream, and it scared and fascinated me. I do want to meet an alien but have yet to recall any memories I have had of them.<br />
<br />
I would love to chat to either of you, if you want. I’m just researching aliens from the human-perspective, I have done approximately 1 ¾ years of research in my own time. Namaste to both, and I hope you eventually find peace with the struggles of keeping up with human idiocies. x

Larceny I would like to communicate with you further so that we can learn more from one another. Namaste to you my sister.

You are not alone my friend. I too share your experience of being here in a human body, but not human in reality. I have vague memories of being introduced into my human body as it was being born to my human mother. I remember feeling scared, alone, and very confused at the time. It was when I was 14 years old that I was telepathically contacted and told where I was from and my purpose here on the Earth. I was told to only observe the human race and to live as one of them, that this information would be collected and analyzed by others on my home planet. I was also told not to reveal my true nature as it would be a detriment to my mission. I must tell you it has not been easy for me to adjust to living as a human, and that I have had great difficulty fitting in as my true self gets in the way most of the time. I am very misunderstood by most humans, and this at times has caused me great pain both physically and emotionally. At this time, I feel that even though I am going against what I was instructed to do, that I need to find others who are like myself so that I will not feel so alone. If you wish further communication please let me know. I would enjoy the fellowship of another alien if just to be understood and accepted. We are all one in the universe.

Those were the sort of details I didn't intend to reveal, for obvious reasons. However, upon arrival I already knew, in some sense, not so much in words, but with powerful feelings and extremely vague images that I was not to intervene, and that my purpose was for observation, and that caused me to shell up and hide. (For instance I hadn't approached or spoken, as I still do not unless it is required, to anyone with one exception, my now wife, then 4th grade peer. Something told me she was something like I was, that she was someone I had been intended to find. Such feelings are never wrong with me. I have had many of these such feelings and confirmations.) In fact, I have had much in the way of information that I should not have due to the succession of events throughout my time spent within this body, at least not when speaking in terms of a linear time line, as most I have come into contact with only understand. None do know how I know what I do know. Therefore, my mission seems somewhat more specific due to the extremity of the detail of such information, and the effort to conceal this information. Collect as much information and understand as much as I can of the humanity, living as one of them, amongst them, but I have been constantly directed on a specific path, always warned of what will happen at the next turn, again, not with words. Words were only used when necessary to impart a greater importance to what it was I was to do. For instance, I once asked how I could leave, and there is undoubtedly a way due to the reply I had received, and I believe I was coming very near it. However, I have heeded to the will of whoever or whatever it is that guides me. There are still some details you seem to have left out. Things I have stated, and more, however, they do seem to be rather important leaving me with some doubt about our similarities, but you certainly have my attention. Perhaps we could engage in conversation with greater detail.

I would welcome any questions you may have to settle your doubts about me. Please email me if you wish to communicate on a more secure level.

Do not take what I have said personally. I do not seek to attack anyone, nor to discredit them. I only understand that there are many variables in play in all things, and in order to understand and easily undertake any situation, you can not be open to accepting initial appearances. Caution must be taken at all times. Even in the most familiar of situations.

I understand and I agree with your statement. Would you be able to tell me what I may be able to do in order to prove to you who I say that I am? I really do not have any ulterior motives, and I do not wish harm to anyone. I am of a peaceful alien race.

A non peaceful race, humanity for example, would be capable of convincing a truly peaceful being that their intentions were pure and true even though they were not. I'm afraid that I cannot reveal to you the only thing which protects me from this. You should already know, even if you do not know you know.

I do understand, and I agree with you.

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