I Am Not An Animal...i Am Not A Human Being.

In September of 1973, my mother who could no longer conceive a child, my father, my grandmother and my two older sisters had an encounter with a large unknown object which hovered above their car.  It was the size of a large house.  They do not remember much about the experience.  Nine months later, I was born. 
Until the age of three I had “visitors” that I will refer to as “the triangle.”  They were three beings (two with male energy, and one with female energy).  They had synchronized movement, acting as one.  My human family was ever aware of their presence.  The visitors had no interest in them—they were there to help me adjust.  They were also there because they needed something from me.  To this day I cannot remember exactly how they defined it, or what it was, but they conveyed to me that they needed to watch me, and to take something from my experiences.  They would watch me play with toys, and absorb my thoughts…my experiences as an infant.  I now have the feeling (although most of my memories are unclear) that I was the fourth member of the group.  The female energy was always in the front and center as they approached me.  She was intense, powerful, and her eyes were like mercury.  The male in the back (to the left) was the dark serious personality, and the one to the back (right) was a male energy with a comical personality.  They had names that are not like any that I have ever heard.  Those names were my first words, and they were frequently used for the first three years of my life (daily).
I can only describe my bond with them as a family bond.  I have yet to regain that closeness with anyone else in this life.  When they left I felt abandoned, and I never adjusted or properly bonded with my family.  I have been on the outside looking in for 37 years now.  The only thing that I can remember, and that I do know for sure is that they are still watching me, and I am here for a purpose.  I have yet to discover what it actually is.
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2012

Wait...does that mean...your mom was probed by an alien?

hey, u r not crazy but I am surprise that you are sharing this story online. if someone believe this conversation, you may have endanger your existence. you have the year right. it was in 1973 and 1972 that what u r describing occured; there was another visitation years later when we were around 10 years old. i am searching for you and the others. they are on their way.