What Is It to Be An Alien?

It's walking through life speaking, but not being understood.

It's trying to relate to everyone around you, but feeling ultimately like you're the outsider.

It's sitting in a group of people and feeling utterly alone.

It's having people tell you they understand you, and then prove through their actions that they really don't.

It's wondering how you'll be cast out on a daily basis.

It's waiting for the next slap.

It's hating your fellow man for his idiocy and inability to think.

I could try to settle on just one aspect of the human experience as where I feel that I don't fit in, but it's really far more than that. And really feeling like an alien involves much more than just one or two elements of existence.

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Ughhhh, yessss!!

I understand. I always thought I just possessed an old soul. But nothing in life makes full sense.

I am Viorp I have been reading stories I have learned your language and have viewed your griefs. It is clear to me that you desire more in life than what life gave you. So why the grief and why the misery? Each of you have an exclusive talent to polish up and use in life. Do you not know that when others see your talent shine through your self misery that you will attract others like Paludes to Xardon? I do not write this to dishonor you I write this to create in you your self that you have lost or never found. You ... I am writing to you! You have a talent!!! Yes you! Focus on it and polish it up like fine silver from tarnished look. Ok... I have said enough. Now go! Go make yourself into what you were meant to be! I am Viorp and I will visit again soon

I am an alien but i still hang around with people an yes i do feel a little bit alone

I am human and I perfectly can understand any of you, so does it means I am an alien? Or does it means that i am self-aware about knowledge which can be gained by moving through personalities? Those who will understand what I have wrote - is the only ones which reply I am seeking.

welcome to the real life and learn to rely only on yourself

I'm A Wampire!

I know what you are going through as I too have had great difficulty with living in my human body. What happens when you are an alien living in a human body is that you start to accept human thoughts, feelings, and etc. as your own, which they are not. I can compare it to a human living in the U.S. and moving to another country, after a while the human acclimates to it's surroundings and starts doing, thinking, and believing as the foreigners do. In reality we are aliens in another world, and as such we let our minds tell us that we really are human, that the alien persona inside of us is a lie, and that we are making all of this up because that is what it takes to live here on the Earth, to "fit in" with the humans and be accepted as a human, which we are not.<br />
<br />
As aliens we are here for a purpose, and we will accomplish what we were sent here to do. At the appropriate time we will reveal to the humans our true selves, and we will shed the human body we have been inhabiting with all of it's frailties, which includes human emotion, thoughts, and etc. We will then usher the human race into a new era to live with all of the other alien races in this universe as one. I'm not saying that the human race will live in utopia, as there will be many obstacles to overcome, but with our help the human race will survive and flourish.

Seems you know something.

I have always believed that I was different and after reading your post, I am convinced <br />
that we-here are somehow inherently connected or kin of somekind. Thanks for showing me a<br />
"small puzzle piece" of why I'm here.

i can adjust my eyes so that i see in the smallest particles///atoms..i dont know

I can do that too and I've always felt so alone. Two questions 1 have you ever come in contact with a black lichen that went into your blood somehow? 2 can u c other stuff like light rays?

I relate to this thread in a deep way.. I have skills that normal people don't have and I have no idea where they come from. <br />
<br />
I feel hyper-perceptive.<br />
<br />
I can create music, literature, art - I have the ability to fight like some kind of ninja (not that I have ever been in a fight) no idea where that comes from. I am scientific, I understand the universe, I understand the world but I don't understand people. People upset me.<br />
<br />
I am nice to everyone, I see the good in most people but I also perceive what they are really like and it really does upset me. I have been close to finishing myself off, just 12 months ago I was 'that' close to doing it! I have never been at such a low point, but I saw all the signs and somehow I was lifted out of it. I feel kind of blessed now, I also feel part of something much larger than just humanity. I don't think I am supposed to know the answer, instead I think I am part of something that is being observed. As long as I am alive I will never truly know the answer but I am much happier with the feeling that I am part of something special.<br />
<br />
To all those who feel the same way, to those who have felt the pain of humanity and to those who just don't understand; I hope my message can give you a little bit of strength. I have almost come to terms with my differences to most people; to be honest it still gets to me but much less than before. I just need to try and cope with the fact that not many people are like me, I am nearly there.

Wow... can't believe that someone could put what I feel into such eloquent words... thank you for making me feel that I'm not so alone...

Man of you here with your comments are very close to the truth.Michael Newton in his book Destiny of Souls are telling about souls that come to experience a life here on Earth from other solar systems,but it looks like his studies between lives is still to narrow. He looks to know that people with same vibration frequency is drawn to each other,but still he do not realize that all the people he has made regression with are almost sure having the same vibration frequency that he has as himself. In fact there looks to be people with different vibration frequency and are coming from other places. My son was in Autumn in a kind of trance but still full aware about the normal reality and I assist him in getting deeper information of the mystery of life. There happened many other things to,but then he was in a past life,where he was in a space station that was in the space over a planet but not Earth. He told me first that everything inside that space station was looking very familiar and then that he had been there before. He said that everything technical was working with mind power. Then he look at his skin and he said that it was very different from human skin. Also he said that he had been there in a earlier life for a very long time alone and that he had been sad to be alone,he said that he had been there to control the space station that in it self helped to keep that planet in the right way. My son and my daughter and my self,we all feel that the Earth is not our real home,that it is somewhere far away and we miss it very much. We are of course Humans here on earth,but we feel that our soul is alien. I know that many people do keep all this like something crazy but like my son,he is a known scientist and all his inventions are on a level more like quantum mechanics and not at all on a levels of normal humans.

i am a alien most people think of this becose they r diffreant from humans like me

I can certainly agree with that.

I am glad that I am not alone in this situation. It would be nice to be accepted for who I am.

I think I am an alien. I can make people go into trances. Just today, I made my friend Alex get possessed by an alien named Xun (ex - on) and Xun said I would save his planet on February 1, 2030. I am the leader's son. We can only get there by "rainbow power" a substance found in certain rocks and can also be harnessed by rainbows. I constantly see ufos. In a period of two years, I have seen 11 ufos. I feel sorry for aliens and feel strange when someone mentions them. I can do things with my body others can't, like move all muscles on my face. I never feel like I fit in anywhere. I'm amazingly smart. The person who wrote this is 10 at the moment he wrote it.

ive always been alone i know nothing else ,i cant compare to anything better.im lost im hurting im alone and i dont want to be here, i also konw i dont have a choice this situation is unbearable. this is the 1st time these feelings have ever left my mind. everything on this planet feels wrong i know nothing is here for me but i cant go. ive tried all my life to fit in with everyone ive met something is wrong the worst possible thing abot that is i dont know what

That story certainly hit the bone... Thanks for that. It's so true

Well spoken! It's like you plucked the thoughts directly from my head! Good to know I'm not alone.

Leilani, stand up for yourself. Life is harsh, I've been there. You would not believe how much crap I have been through. You'll get nowhere by punishing yourself, stand up for yourself, nobody uses you and gets away with it!!!

My whole life I never fit in I don't even belong in my family. Everyone I thought cared just used me for their selfish reasons and instead of standing up for myself I punish myself. What's wrong with me?

WRONG!!!! Humans are like 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% crap and 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% not crap. These numbers don't add up so the rest is something else. Not alien I mean something else. Aliens can be crap or not crap just like humans.

You are an alien. From outer space I mean. You need to be with your own kind and not these humans.

It was so funny, I was reading and thinking this feels like what it means to be human. <br />
<br />
I have too much imagination, I thought maybe it was a creative piece.<br />
<br />
I feel alienated too sometimes, but, when I truly see how I am like all other humans, that is when I get it.<br />
<br />
Sometimes, it compounds my sense of isolation, because it feels like others do not see my humanity. Then again, this is how perceive it. Damn perception.<br />
<br />
I recognize what you are writing. <br />
<br />
I wish you a sense of happiness, if that is not too rude.<br />
<br />
Maybe being an alien is your natural state, I do not want to assume.<br />
<br />
Most of us need others, I know I do. I know I also isolate myself from those who love me. They are a stubborn crew so they reach out and tell me so.<br />
<br />
Just rambling thoughts, feelings, as I read.<br />
<br />
Take care,<br />
<br />