I Am 100% Finished With My Postings Across The Internet

I am all over the internet my postings I will no longer be writing any more posts on any internet websites.....too much mock too much redicule and too much critisism and laughter.

I refuse to go on any more websites speaking any more then what I have just said I am closing my account on this website to avoid any more people rediculing me on any websites my mission and my words will be on no more websites at all for too many people will track me down.

at the end of all of this I am no longer making my words available on the internet I am finished you all have finnally heard me speak...

I am finished already on all forums because of redicule and people mocking me and I am completed with what I have to say on this website its over now  and the lightening strikes humans the time has come I am done with this life......

good luck to you all from whatever and whenever you may do I will see you all in the year 2100 when my spirit rises back to earth to save humanity from this galactic alien slavery.


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1 Response Apr 22, 2012