Underwater Aliens

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USO or Unidentified Submerged objects have been around for decades. They don't get the press their flying counterparts receive but that gap is closing.

For one reason or another more sky watchers are turning their cameras to the waters and what they are getting is nothing short of amazing.

John Grayson, President of the Myrtle Beach USO chapters reports. "We've just recently turned our sky watchers onto the waters. They are finding that many of the sightings of the USOs are closer and they get better detail. I mean think about it, if you have your camera trained on a small lake as opposed to an infinate sky, your shot is going to come out cleaner. We're getting some unbelievable details in our pictures. And please don't think you have to look at some massive body of water. We have reports of objects emerging from ponds just big enough to fit the craft itself. Webelieve these are Earth bound bases used for observation, experimentation and exploration. There are depths in the oceans we can't currently reach and there are ponds and lakes that are so off the beaten path, we don't search. Why would we. We fish there, we swim, but why dig for something most people don't believe in?"

Mr. Grayson told us about all the sightings he and his team found and even better than that, he put us on the path to an insider. A man that claims he not only sees USO submerge but he's been invited by the aliens to the underwater bases.

This is his story, although he would not release his name fearing ridicule. "I've been fishing the waters around Myrtle Beach for five decades. Me and my dad use to come out here just to put some poles in the water. Back then, we use to see these crafts going in and out of the water. I asked dad what they were and he told me to mind my business, the Government has Russians to prepare for and some things we don't need to know. I respected my dad and paid little attention. That is until about 12 years after his death and one of those things came to the top of the water and stalled right in front of my boat. It sat dead as the lights flickered on and off. I rowed over to lend a hand and that;s when I found out my dad was way off. The ship opened and these littel grey guys started diving in the water. They were clearing some intake valve. They noticed me notice them and the rest is history. They took me in and told me they use our waters as hidden bases and actually use the water molecules as an energy source. They told me we have nothing to fear from them, but if they didn;t take residence up here, less friendly races out there might. So I guess you could say they protect us."

This informant then simply walked to his boat and went fishing like he didn't just tell us a story that would make most people's heads spin. I've interviewed many people in my life, but none who thought there story was so ordinary. I can tell you, he believed what he told me. And so do I.
ricknaub ricknaub
May 15, 2012