I Am An Extraterestrial In A Human Body

19 years ago I came to earth in a human form but not rely. you see my race can become pure energy for limited durations if we use our tech to enhance that aspect we can enter a human body at birth. at this point both my contentiousness and his merged to form one new one. the device we use is a sort of tube that enhances our energy state to make this possible. my race is known as tonanarians we are the defacto rulers of the universe under the almighty himself our home world was were your asteroid belt is it was destroid shortly after we took away your technology at your request to keep you out of our war witch waged for 2.5 trillion years i am almost 3 trillion years old andhave emterd this form becuase with our war over a new and more ancient evil hase arose witch wishes to destroy the entire multy verse i will right another storie to explain in further detail.
tonysixwing tonysixwing
18-21, M
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