Nasa Confirms 200 Alien Races

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Aliens might not be as strange as you think. Leaked documents from NASA confirm that there are no less than 200 different alien civilizations roaming the universe, and those are only the ones that can travel to Earth. But not all of them like us.

Top officials at NASA claim, via this document, that they are in direct contact with 31 of these races while the others are simple explorers that don’t see us “worthy” of contact as of yet. Apparently, we are the low man on the totem pole when it comes to technological advancement and evolutionary growth. Many races despise the fact that we incorporated technologies found from various UFO crashes and use them without earning the knowledge to wield such advances. These stolen technologies include microwave, radio waves, fiber optics and several engines and power sources used in everyday life.

The 31 races that do in fact communicate with us have one great thing in common. The all come from planets EXACTLY like Earth. They are composed of the same oxygen quality, same H20 contents, same animal and plant life and the same table of elements. The only difference is the proportion these are in to one another. This seems to be the factor that made each civilization evolve in the manner they did. These Earth-type planets all have one dominant species and it’s not always man or anything like it.

On Satira, an Earth-type planet, water is in much greater supply than we have. As a result, a race of squid like people evolved first and now run the planet. Like humans from an ape, this race takes its origins from a squid not unlike the ones we see in our oceans. The difference being, on Earth apes evolved first, on Satira Squid bested them. Like Earth and its many cultures, Satira has differences among themselves that have incited many race wars throughout their growing period. Many of the freshwater squids look down on the ocean dwellers and it was considered low standard to be a warm water squid and high class to be cold water.

On Burbanos the bat evolved to be an eight foot tall walking creature, who to us would be terrifying at the glance. Their brains evolved well beyond human abilities and despite their appearance, they are one of the most peaceful races amongst the stars. With no natural predators on Earth, it made perfect sense that these would evolve elsewhere.

A very small planet called Clarus, water is in short supply and the rooster is the dominant faction on the planet. Although scientifically advanced, these creatures are vicious and ill tempered. Many of the abductions of human beings are thought to be by these invaders. Many at NASA believe that this is some sort of twisted attempt at revenge, as the people taken are put inside small pits and forced to fight one another to the death with only the option of pecking one another.
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Rooster Civilization? Seriously? Does they wake up 5am to say "****-a-doodle-doo"? But nice story anyway!

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