Looking For a Home Planet

I feel distant, strange, and stupid tonight.
I'm not entirely sure I even understand myself.
Why the **** can't everything just make sense?
You know... there is bliss in ignorance.
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5 Responses Apr 19, 2007

it wel now be btr yu wel se mak tyme fr yu an nt wry

Reality has no meaning it exists only to replace what is not there. You can go thru life and know this, but you can never exept it as fact. Most people live in their fantasy and are clueless to everything. Not everyone (you) is so clueless. You can see reality for what it is and it isn't pretty. Blinden yourself (not like poke your eyes out) make yourself unaware of this and be as stupid as the humans. If you can cover up such vast awareness.

it will be alright growing pains never stop until the day you die you'll keep wondering and trying to figure things out it's a good thing you could be just one of the cruelest s.o.b. walking and couldn't care less about anything but him or herself, so enjoy those hazy nights and remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel Elviris

EXACTLY - said Avon, i.e. me lol - THERE IS BLISS IN IGNORANCE.

I know, or I think I feel somthing that make my ask myself somthing stupid , or somthing brite like you did.<br />
<br />
I feel it is write but I know will never happend , It will be to much the way I love , and that will be out of discusion .<br />
This my be an answer , or may be just nothing else than a ****' add...in the black of this life full with stars.