Facebook: The Alien Agenda

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Facebook is Government social experiment
By Pau Altman
Atlanta—If you were an alien race how would you go about learning the ins and outs of the Human race. Would you watch TV? Would you read our history books or study our religions. That would be a great start and you’d learn a lot but you wouldn’t learn what we are at our essence. Religions are ideas and paths in life. They are ideal ways of life rarely achieved by your average Joe. TV, yeah even reality TV is fiction. No matter what you see, even if it’s marked documentary, you can bet it’s a point of view. And History? Come on, you know history is written by the victors. If it wasn’t we’d see a lot more people portrayed as villains. So where should these aliens go to really see who we are? Social Media.

A report coming out of Washington claims that several alien races have now signed up for Facebook accounts and are recruiting as many friends as possible in order to find out exactly who we are and what we think. I am sure if you’ve ever had an account with Facebook you’ve received friend requests from more than a few people you don’t know. Guess who that is? Have you’ve ever noticed those people that have literally thousands maybe even a hundred thousand friends? No one knows that many people. Why would you even want that many people posting on your wall.

Well, you would if you were from a planet 60 million light years away and wanted to know the way we act, think and behave. According to these reports the aliens are friending us to see how many of us would be compatible with their race should we ever meet. Apparently, there is a galactic community out there and they are evaluating what we do through our social media accounts. So please, think twice before liking that picture of a drunk woman falling out of a car or a fat kid smoking a cigarette. We are being watched.
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4 Responses Jun 25, 2012

This website is no different. All internet data is easily compiled into massive information matrices. So now that you've posted this, they know that you know, and now your knowledge is compiled data. But if you so much as have a revelation, the expansion of your electromagnetic field will be detected by government/alien sensors. So basically, if you can't even THINK or BREATH without it being measured and known by outside forces, why worry about what you post? A transparent existence is the key to invincibility, not a fearful one.

They woulde'nt need face book. Technology exists to get right in the heads of as many people as they would need not only to hear what we think but experience our feelings as well you can put on another person's perceptions as easily as a pair of sun glasses and see everything tinted with their mind. If they see a cars paint job as ugly , you will to and feel the same way you will end up knowing very well how their mind works. Face book is years behind like a model T or horse and buggy.

I never trusted Facebook, too bad I have an account, I rarely log in though.
Also a possibility, they use human hosts as well to interact with other humans, but they might not be able to hold a connection for too long.

Oh, no! I'm scared then. I hate Facebook and suspect that any self-respecting person, with whom the aliens would wish to communicate, are being seriously overlooked.