OK how do i start this? OK so from i remember about 3 years old i heard voices in my head and when i went to sleep and dream i was with these people or aliens. I didn't tell anyone about this , ok so in my dream they were very kind to me and when i was 7 they started to become more serious. I was shocked of what they tried to tell me. Basically they were telling me you are our specious. I was confused and that night when i had a dream they told me the whole story they said i am an alien in a human body! yes i was scared and i started to run away from them when i woulk up i could still hear them in my head saying don't be scared. 10 years one day in math i had to learn about fractions they were very difficult to do and i was very crap at math. Another dream this time i was on a spaceship with all this high tech and these soldiers it was very real like i was actually there. OK so these soldiers are all starring at me and saluting to me. The guy who i hear voices in my head comes and takes me into a room and says "well you are struggling with math" he said i replied "yes , yes i am" he then said no worries we can fix that he put some sort of thing in my mind and said "there you go" i replied "what does this do" he said "you will see".so i woulk up but not normally i started saying these random equations and and advanced math in my head stuff i should not know at this age. In my test i got full marks (100%). till this day i know all of math and every new thing we do i know how to do. age 14 they told me a story and they actually told me the name of our specious they or we are called the Tranqualitines specious. OK here is the story ," there is a reason you are on earth. There was a great war that happened you were a soldier and you are the leader of our specious basically what happened was near the end of the great war the reptilians were winning the only way for our specious to survive is you by sending your higher dimension to earth to save you or sacrifice to save everyone you sacrificed yourself still sending you to earth but not in the 5th dimension but 3rd dimension". The next thing they said was when you die on earth you will return to us in 5th dimension again. Amazingly i can now see ghostly figures of these aliens now. till this day i still see , dream , and hear these aliens in my head. Every dream i have is on that spaceship and soldiers. There is one more thing they tell me every day. "There is a day coming , coming very soon when we an the gods (ancient aliens) will return to bring peace to earth. we and the galactic federation of light will bring peace.Who are the galactic federation of light? He also said that you are slaved by our enemy reptilians a group called Illuminati.As soon as i heard that i was shocked they are not demons but aliens! well one thing this was not long ago the ghostly aliens i see i told one of the to do something. I told one of them to move my ball they said OK amazingly my ball moved across my room like it was kicked!Well my friends that is it remember a great day is coming very soon.
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if your great at math answer me this there is a distance of 5000km between two perfectly spherical objects the mass of object one is 2000 square feet the other object has a volume of 50000 square feet the question is how much gravitational force do the objects put on each other

Are you drunk?

Your past as a Tranqualitine sounds very sad but also epic, I'm so angry at these Reptilians, making everyone a slave race, I'm sure their plan has something to do with ending all of existence as we know it, maybe their sick and tired of reincarnating so their gonna try and cut everyone out from the source, as they did from themselves, until the universe collapses.

Your god!

Daniel, this is awesome. Good job, and thanks for sharing.