I Was There

Back on my planet i was engaged to a man named Randy.....My husband damian could change into different people during the day he was a man named Thomas during the night he was damian. we were both cursed you see him by the devil and i by a witch. I could change to during the day i was a girl named duchess and during the night i was a girl named jessica. We fell in love during the day and the night we thought we were two different people. One day Thomas came to my house and climbed up my tree to my window. It was the first day of december though on my planet we called it the frost month every year it would snow. My mother was very over protective and never let me out so he asked me have you ever seen the snow? I said no no i havent that day we snuck out of my house and went to the center of the town to see the snow. he told me lay down and i said why and he said just do it so i did and when it started to snow it looked 3D falling from the sky and from time to time we would stick our tongue out to taste the cold snow. We held hands and he told me for every snow flake that falls thats how much i love you and i smiled at him then for a moment we were silent and he said i hope your here forever so your warmth can melt the cold snow off my heart.......I remember when i jumped into the portal it was black and purple inside i was all alone in the dark and what looked like electricity flowed from time to time along the sides at the end of the darkness there was a bright light. I thought i was dead then i touched it and it was cold....cold like the snow and my hand sunk in and out. Then i thought about what Thomas said and i went through next thing i knew i was here on earth. still looking for him though......
Thomas16 Thomas16
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012